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Chris' LiveJournal

I mostly update at http://www.twitter.com/Tidus now; my apologies. ^^

Chris Kraynik
27 June
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Thanks for checking out my profile.  My name's Chris, and I chose the LiveJournal username Tidus because I love the PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X.  I randomly add people whose journals I enjoy reading to my friends list, even if I don't know you... because I'm hoping to get to know you better by reading what you write.  The communities listed below were all created by me, and I solely maintain them all.

Bay Area Community Profilebayarea  |  Beatmania Community Profilebeatmania  |  Dance ManiaX Community Profiledancemaniax
Excel Saga Community Profileexcelsaga  |  Final Fantasy X-2 Community Profilefinalfantasyx2  |  Marin County Community Profilemarin
Role Playing Gamers' Community Profilerpgamer  |  Starbase Arcade Community Profilestarbase  |  Sword of Mana Community Profileswordofmana

I rarely update my journal, as I keep very busy... and also rarely read entries on my friends page.  Instead, I visit people's journals directly at random times to try to catch up on their lives.  If this bothers you, I understand... but it's the best I can do with over 565 people currently listing me as a friend.

Once we've added eachother to our respective friends lists, I'll immediately notice if you remove me... and I'll probably ask you why you did so.  If you don't promise to answer that question should I ever ask it, don't add me to your friends list.  If that's not a problem for you, feel free to add me as a friend.  I'll usually add you as a friend in return immediately.  It bugs me when people remove me from their list, but they refuse to explain to me why.  If you don't understand why I feel that way, ask.

Other things that bother me about LiveJournal users include people who whine about their icons being "stolen", when their icon is a cropped image they didn't originally create or even get permission to use... even if they animated that image.  They've technically had a picture stolen from them that they stole themselves, and I have no sympathy for this.  If you own the image's copyright, or the person who created the image considers you a friend, feel free to whine... but otherwise, don't take credit for work that wasn't originally your own.  Animating an image doesn't make it yours.

It also bothers me when someone whines about being added to someone else's friends list.  It's not like you're obligated to do anything when a stranger is kind enough to add you as her/his friend.  They don't need to ask your permission to, nor should anyone feel such an obligation.  In fact, it's a courtesy that someone would add a person as a friend at all... and if people never did so, LiveJournal wouldn't have ever succeeded to begin with.

If you'd like to learn more about me, leave a comment on any LiveJournal entry I've written with a question.  If you want to keep it private, delete the entry afterwards (as it'll already have been sent to me by e-mail) or just send me an e-mail in the first place.  If you want some basic information first, check out my personal Web site.  It's got plenty of links that will allow you to learn more about me.  I've also written some poetry if you're interested in reading it.

Feel free to contact me at any time, for any reason at all.  People have said I'm generally easy to get along with, and I'll do most anything for a friend.  So... if you need something, just ask.  I'll probably really enjoy our friendship for as long as we stay in touch.  :)

- Chris (cK1)
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