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Quite a birthday I've had...

Looks like I really can run almost entirely on caffeine, though I'm sure this isn't healthy.  Then again, I can't imagine working 60+ hours a week to ever be very healthy to begin with.  *grin*  Thanks to all of you who sent me e-mail either to my cellular phone, text messaged me, or sent e-mail to my main Inbox.  To those of you who called me, that was really kind of you... and it really made my day.  It's days like this when you discover who really is thinking about you like they say they are.  I got my first helium balloon ever today, too... *lol*

Why haven't I slept yet?  I went to see a movie called Time and Tide (it's Hong Kong cinema... I loved it) with Justin and many other friends during the few hours I was originally planning to devote to sleep.  Then, I worked at my other job... and I'm back in San Francisco doing the night shift again.  I'm amazed at how well my body handles my lack of sleep, food, and the fact that I played Dance Dance Revolution for quite some time while I was in San Rafael working.  As my friends and I are fond of saying, I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead.  ;)

My parents have some stuff planned for me on both Saturday and Sunday, so I'll probably be pretty much gone this weekend until work on Sunday.  I'll be around on Friday while I'm not working in San Rafael, though... so if you want to hang, give me a call or send a short e-mail to my cell.  Thanks again to all of you who made this a special day for me, even if you live far away.  I know I've said that birthdays aren't a big deal to me any more, but you managed to show me that birthdays are a celebration of life that I should probably have a bit more reverence for.  *hugs everyone who thought of him yesterday and today*


Jun. 28th, 2002 07:05 am (UTC)
(sorry, had to do that x.x)


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