Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Distracted once again...

I've always been pretty consistent about checking out my friends' LiveJournal entries, but I sure do post randomly... and not anywhere near as often as I'd like to post.  Ah well... at least I haven't disappeared or anything.  I've been busy as usual... landed that job in San Francisco, for starters.  Turns out I was able to negotiate up to $17 an hour, which was a pleasant surprise... and it won't be a contract-type arrangement as I expected, so I'll get sick days and paid time off.  No benefits as of yet, though.  :(  In other news, I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off spending time with old and new friends.  So much has happened... had Japanese food with Diana's ProfileDiana one night, before visiting Heidi's ProfileHeidi.  I'm trying to hook my best friend up with Heidi, actually.  *evil grin*

In other news, I'm somehow still getting better at Dance Dance Revolution.  The obsession continues... I swear, I must be writing about DDR in every post I make these days.  For starters, I managed to pass So Deep from DDR MAX2 on Heavy (Maniac) difficulty once again.  When I somehow passed it the first time I tried it, it must've been a fluke; it took me three tries this time around.  I also nailed a full combo on the entire final segment of Era, from just before the tempo increases again to the last step of the song.  I ended it with something like a 111 combo, which made me a very happy panda.  Once I can full combo the song, I'm considering memorizing it (which would be hard, as it's like 400 steps) so I can do it on Stealth mode.  Yup, that's the mode when the game completely hides the arrows... like Sudden + Hidden.  I doubt I have that kind of free time, but it sure would be an impressive feat if I could pull it off.

Ah, finally... I get off work in less than half an hour.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that... my schedule here is insane!  I work from 11 P.M. to 7 A.M., Sunday through Thursday.  It's nuts for most people, but I'm actually pretty well built for working the midnight shift.  I don't sleep much as it is, and I enjoy being able to do what I want with my day.  Caffeine sure makes the shift easier, though... ;)  What else... ahhh, my birthday's tomorrow too.  I'll be turning 23... but I must admit, my birthdays have become just another day to me.  It's a bummer, but hey... I don't mind if my friends want to make it an excuse to drink or something.  I just don't think that anyone should feel obligated to make any sort of a deal out of it.  Since turning 21, I'm just happy to still be healthy and alive.  :)

I almost forgot to mention something to the two Marle's User Informationgorgeous Kouryuu's Profilesweethearts that I'm hosting Web sites for... I'll be moving all my domain names over to a new server soon.  It should be even faster than the previous one (is that's even possible?), and it'll have 80 GB of storage for us and my friend's clients to play with, instead of the more limited amount of space we formally had to work with.  I've already begun uploading full movies such as the English subtitled Shaolin Soccer for Nicole's ProfileNicole, and Resident Evil for Minerva's ProfileMin soon as well.  I think I'm going to put an enormous copy of the recently released Lord of the Rings</b> movie up there, too.  I hope all of you eager downloaders have broadband connections, 'cause I don't have the resources to mail everyone a set of CDs!

One final note... happy 19th birthday, Natalie's ProfileNatalie.  I hope you enjoy it!
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