Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

So much to say, so much to say...

It's days like Thursday that explain why I'm never home.  *grin*  Naturally, one of the first things I did was play Dance Dance Revolution.  The one I usually play is 4th Mix Plus, which has a total of 150 songs available in All Music mode.  I didn't just play it as I normally do, though... I cleared every 8 step difficulty song in the game in order, then cleared every 9 step one after that... yes, including Rhythm and Police somehow.  I played so intensely that for a while, I quite literally melted some of the rubber off the very bottom layer of my boots.  I didn't even think such a thing was possible just by dancing... but as I've done it once before while running around on asphault in 105 degree weather, I guess it is!  :P

I noticed this when I could feel small loose parts of the platform getting pulled upwards while I danced really hard at times, and realized that I was actually leaving some of my shoe on the game because it was getting slightly darker on the arrows.  I could hear little squishy noises when I raised my feet, too... like what you'd hear when you're pulling a thick sticker off a smooth surface.  So very strange... but kind'a cool, too.  I guess you could say I was burn-burn-burning the floor... and yes, that was a Naoki reference for those of you who caught it.  :)  Gina's ProfileGina came in later with a couple of her friends, Diana's ProfileDiana and Heidi's ProfileHeidi.  (Please forgive me if I got any of your names wrong!)  I somehow just knew all of them had LiveJournal accounts... I asked them, and I felt psychic when they all said they did... considering I never ask anyone that.

Went out to Farmers' Market at around 11:30 PM as usual... and being the creature of habit I've become lately, I went straight to the Broken Drum for a liter of Shaggy Dawg.  (They renamed my Pokemon beer to that... how could they!!!)  I then headed to the Fourth Street Tavern, where my buddy Sanford let me in without charging me anything at the door.  I immediately ran into my old friend Sherry who I hadn't seen in many months (last time I saw her was at the Broken Drum... *lol*) and bought her a drink.  It turned out that her ex-boyfriend was right outside and about to come in, so she asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend so that he'd leave her alone entirely.  It worked like a charm... and she had a lot of fun hanging all over me while he was around, too.  *lol*

I never made it home that night, because I never even slept.  I went to the West End Cafe for breakfast at around 8 AM, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was Vikki's shift.  She informed me that she's having a housewarming party soon, and that I should come.  After breakfast, I finally went home... and considered sleeping, but realized I had too much to do.  I just hit the shower, drank loads of water to rehydrate myself, and went back out again after putting on some clean clothes.  I wish I had the stamina to do this every day.  Oh, and by the way Tax's ProfileTax... I noticed a street named Francis for the first time on my way home, so of course I thought of you.  Why the Francis did I do that, though?  ;)

It's two days later now, and I'm hangin' out with my best friend Jordan.  I've still barely slept, yet I still feel full of energy (and not at all strange)... and surprise surprise, we're gonna go play DDR MAX2 with Justin in a bit.  It also looks like that $16/hour job in San Francisco is going to happen for me.  My life may not be anywhere near perfect, but I love it.  :)
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