Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Laa dee daa...

Looks like I might score that job at Cingular on Fourth Street (downtown San Rafael, where I used to live) after all.  I ran into Gabe, and that opening I'd been waiting for all this time finally did occur.  I'll be setting up an interview with some corporate person there in a short while if all goes well.  Total stroke of luck that I found out about it, too.  I went down to the Broken Drum restaurant/brewery, and noticed they brewed up some more of their infamous Pokemon... so I had to stay until I finished a liter of it.  Yes, they actually named a beer Pokemon... and it's the strongest one they're currently selling, too.  It's a freakin' 8.2!  I can't ever get enough of it.  That's why I ran into Gabe... he got there just as I was leaving.  :)

I love the Broken Drum... the place has the best beer around, great food, and it feels like Cheers to me every time I come in.  I might make another appearance there tonight... Dan just turned 21, and has been dying to buy me a beer... as it's always been the other way around.  I'm off to RECCACon tomorrow with Karrin, and my dad's birthday is the day after that... so hopefully I'll catch you all Sunday night if I get the chance to drop in.  :)
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