Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

*yawn*  Bah... still can't sleep...

It's too damn hot... not that I'm complaining.  I love this weather, but this place really traps the day's heat... which makes it hard for me to sleep.  I sure had a great day yesterday, oops.  Noah and I headed up to Rohnert Park to meet up with Justin at Scandia.  As I seem to do every time I get together with Justin, we played DDR MAX2 for hours.  Before we left, Justin did something I doubt I'll see again soon... he finished the Naoki featuring Paula Terry Oni course with a combo of over 1,000.  Just to put things in perspective for you DDR fans, he had to get a full combo on three complete Standard and/or Heavy songs with no rest inbetween them... and he had started his combo over half of the song before those last three.  Naturally, the DDR announcer guy didn't say "1,000 combo!" or anything... but it sure was cool to see.  :)  He also passed Max 300 for the second time.

We headed to Bodega Bay after that.  It was windy as always, but that didn't stop us from catching some rays and kicking around the soccer ball like a hacky sack.  I was messing around, and did a perfect handspring in the sand... but as I was doing it, my .925 silver Griever pendant (the one Squall wears in Final Fantasy VIII) swung up and smacked me in the forehead!  I laughed and told Noah... and suddenly I realized that the pendant part had separated from the chain after hitting me, and fell in the sand!  I immediately dropped to my knees and looked for it frantically.  After less than a minute, Justin sort'a shrugged his shoulders and walked off, telling me to give up... but Noah once again proved he was a true friend, and helped me look for quite a while.  He even offered to buy me a new one for my birthday at the end of this month, which I couldn't agree to.  He constantly amazes me with his ceaseless empathy.

After Noah gave up, I kept looking... and after a grand total of like 15 minutes straight, I finally spotted a tiny corner of it sticking out of the sand.  Apparently, it had somehow been launched way behind me... and all the wind finally uncovered it slightly.  I then tried to slide it back onto the chain... and for some reason, it wouldn't fit back on!  I still have no idea how it even flew off in the first place... but I clamped it back on firmly the minute I got home.  Remind me never to wear that thing again if I'm gonna do something athletic.  I searched for that pendant and chain for months on eBay, and my efforts were finally rewarded when I spotted one for sale at less than $150.  Heh... amazing what people will pay for these things.  I scored it for $100 even... the best price I've ever seen on a .925 silver one to date.  :)

I hope all of you are enjoying the heat... and I look forward to seeing one or more of you at RECCACon on Saturday.  Sunday's my dad's birthday, so I'll be heading home the same day.  It's only an hour drive, so it's all good... and it makes life a lot easier for Karrin.  She's coming in from the airport that morning, and this way she doesn't need to worry about finding a ride back from the airport, then another ride to and from the convention.  I know how she feels, too... I miss driving my silver 2000 Camaro.  For those of you who don't know, that was the car I owned for quite some time... then the job market shrunk so severely I couldn't afford to keep it, so I gave it up.  I miss cruisin' around with my license plate reading SQUALL though (yes, it really said that)... but I still have it reserved indefinitely.  *sigh*

I'll probably buy the car back in the not-too-distant future and put the plate back on, and go back to cruisin' through the streets of San Francisco.  I miss dusting the silly rice rockets... those giant spoilers just made it all the easier for me to dust those Civics with their body kits and incredibly unoriginal tail light fixtures.  I don't care how loud your car is in first gear, I'll still own you and that Type-R sticker you bought to stick on the back of your ugly modded base level Integra.  They never learn... Type-R Integras only come off the lot painted black... not red, white, or anything else.  It's too bad they don't realize how obvious they are to anyone who would race them.  *grin*

One more thing... sorry if my last entry was messed up last night.  Apparently I discovered either a brief bug in LiveJournal, or a bug in the new Semagic LiveJournal client.  There's suddenly an invisible maximum character limit in the Current Music field, and I exceeded it in the middle of linking my song... so it truncated the link's HTML, and thus all Web browsers didn't find another " character 'til halfway through my post.  I didn't discover this until the next morning, but luckily it didn't seem to break anything but the one entry.  At first I thought I screwed up the HTML, but I can't reproduce the problem now.  The song I was linking a couple days ago should work now, too.  Sorry if I inconvenienced any of you with my messy entry!
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