Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Chris' Twitter Feed

  • 20:20 * Thank you, fire department, for immediately (just now) putting out what is thankfully only a small grass fire near the freeway here. #fb #
  • 21:38 * Suh-WEET... I can see Napa's entire fireworks show from the kitchen! XD Lucky~! #fb (@ Napa Yacht Club) #
  • 11:42 * Holy shittles. Costco now serves three scoops of their new, fresh made gelato in a waffle cone for $1.50!! #fb (@ Costco w/ 3 others) #
  • 12:12 I'm testing Gowalla from my BlackBerry while eating gelato at Costco. :) — at Costco #
- Chris (cK1)

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