Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

That... was... loud...

Okay, that was weird... like 40 firetrucks (all with their sirens blazing) drove by earlier, escorted by police on motorcycles.  Not exactly something you see every day, huh?  As I don't see a giant plume of smoke justifying even half of those trucks, I'm sure it was just a drill of some sort.  Anyway... this party tonight sounds like it'll be different... there's a dress code!  Apparently, no one's allowed in unless they're dressed either in formal or Hawaiian garb.  *lol*  As I own no Hawaii style print shirts, looks like I'll be donning my suit tonight.  Jordan's coming up from San Jose to join me, too.  Suh-weet!

I think I'm gonna head to downtown San Rafael to look for a job and play some Dance Dance Revolution now.  If any of you are bored, feel free to send a text message to my cell or give me a call.  I miss living on Fourth Street... it was so much fun.  I should look up my loser ex-roommate and see if he has that $300 he owes me while I'm at it... I could really use it.  :P  By the way... all of you who read this and live in the San Francisco Bay Area should join my San Francisco Bay Area Community ProfileBay Area community!  *wink wink, nudge nudge*  C'mon!  Everybody's doing it!  ;)  Seriously though, it'll be cool... I'm going to start posting a bunch about local events once people get enrolled, and I add some icons to the community journal 'n stuff.  :)
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