Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Meanwhile, in other news...

I've been using LiveJournal much more actively as of late.  I even started my own little community for the area I live in!  I haven't had the chance to tell anyone about it yet 'cept its two members, but I figure I'll grow it pretty quickly once I advertise it in the Community Promo community.  In a lot of ways, I'd almost prefer to keep it small though... just locals I know from LiveJournal, instead of a ton of people who join the community without ever getting to meet me.  I'll be happy either way, though... as long as people find the community enjoyable.

I have so many new friends... I hardly have time to welcome them all!  I should thank Washu's ProfileWashu (I am such a Washu fanboy, too... *lol*), Minerva's ProfileMinerva, and Nipala's ProfileNipala for pleasantly surprising me.  They suddenly appeared on my friends list over the past few days, so I was like... who's this?  And this?  Whoa... another one?  Turns out they have lots in common with me, and are all sweeties too.  I barely know anything about Nipala, though... I should try and catch her on AIM or something.  Ah well... all in time.  :)

I finished that Dance Dance Revolution mix I was burning, too... I'm stoked!  Here's a listing of the tracks.  If you want to download any of the music, let me know and I'll e-mail you a link where you can download all those songs, and more.  Some of you already have it, but I don't mind giving it out to the rest of you... as long as you keep it to yourselves.  Be sure to check out this post's music download... it's the full version of a song from DDR MAX, and happens to be a very upbeat mix of pop and trance.  There's also a sweet remix of the song on the Maxi-CD single, which is much less like pop and a lot more like trance.  More later!  :)
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