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I've got that craving again...

...yup, that one.  I should definitely go to the arcade and play lots of Dance Dance Revolution today.  The newest version has truly increased my obsession with the game, too.  I can't believe they actually put a remixed version of Look at Us by Sarina Paris in it... that is so cool!  The last time I was up in Rohnert Park at the Scandia where they have MAX2, I tried playing Era by TaQ on Dark, Hidden, Boost, and 1.5x speed... and I was still able to score combos that were over 100 big.  It looked hella cool, too!  I also had a blast doing funky freestyle moves to the AMEuro mix of Orion .78, and galloping loudly to Cow Girl by Bambee, thanks to my huge black boots.  I wish I knew more people that were as interested in playing the game as I am, though.

A number of you who may be reading this are pretty new to me... so if you have a minute, could you e-mail me or post a comment here with a teeny bit about what you enjoy most when you're out having fun?  I know I'll eventually get to know you all as I read entry after entry in your journals, but it's always nice to have a leg up on what you like... just in case I come across a link I know you'd enjoy, or a song or whatever.  As for me... well, I'm all about spending time with friends and going out drinking or clubbing.  I also spend quite a bit of time at martial arts, playing Dance Dance Revolution, and talking or text messaging people on the phone.

I'm not afraid to dance, and I prove it time and time again by often being the only guy on the dance floor of the group of people I go to clubs with.  Life's too short not to party hard.  By the way... for the select few of you who know about it so far, any requests for my MP3 page?  Also, is there anyone reading this that wants access?  Let me know, as I'm always happy to give out the URL individually.  I just tossed a bunch more songs up there a few minutes ago.  :)


May. 30th, 2002 11:22 pm (UTC)
I'm a ddr addict, but my fix is nowhere to be found. I swear, I've gone through every dodgy pachinko-parlour and game centre in Osaka and half of Kyoto and it's just nowhere to be found. Just depressing UFO-catchers full of winnie-the-pooh soft toys.

So how did you come upon my humble journal? I'm so curious!

As for having fun, I'm a big fan of karaoke, road trips, stargazing, dance parties (preferably hard, I get bored by trance), goth clubs (they're so cute!) and wading in fountains. And a whole bunch of other stuff that can only decided on the spur of the moment.
May. 30th, 2002 11:51 pm (UTC)
You're not gonna believe this...
...because it's so damn random.  I actually had to retrace my steps to figure it out again.  *lol*  Okay... I was editing my interests list, and I started to get curious about who else would bother to list okonomiyaki as an interest like I did.  I noticed a bunch of people had... and totally randomly, your LiveJournal username caught my eye.  I think I thought it was cute or something.  :)

Anyhow, of course I then went to see what your LiveJournal was all about... and realized you were talking about traveling to Japan.  As I've always wanted to do that, I was hooked and added you.  Now how's that for random as hell?  :)  Thanks for visiting my journal as well... that was very kind of you.  I hope you'll visit it again... you seem really nice, and I think it'd be cool to get to know ya.


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