Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

As I'm sure everyone will be saying soon...

...Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones kicked some serious ass.  I was pleased to see very little Jar-Jar Binks, a whole lot of exceptionally choreographed action, and more Yoda than the last movie.  *grin*  I also laughed my ass off repeatedly (along with tons of people in the audience) as Hayden Christensen spoke hilariously cheesy heartfelt words to Natalie Portman, hitting on her over and over again.  I won't say more than that though, as I don't want to spoil anything you didn't clearly spot in the tons of previews that have been floating around on television and in theaters previously.  Overall, a spectacular movie... and I wish I was able to express even half of that enthusiasm about any other movie I've seen in the last six months.

In other news, I ran into one of my friends in line for the showing after mine.  She came up with a clever solution regarding ReccaCon falling on my dad's birthday.  I am so dense... I never thought to just go for one of the two days of the convention, instead of staying overnight there and everything!  I guess we'll be going together, and I'll be able to visit my dad the next day to wish him a happy birthday in person.  I'll get to save money on the cost of both admission and a hotel room, too.  :)

Hmmm... oh yeah, the Verizon store.  I dropped in there to see if they had any replacement antennas for my Motorola V120c cellular phone, and it sure was news to me... they actually had some.  While the guy was replacing my broken one, I (on a whim) asked him if the store was hiring... and it turns out they are!  He sounded really up on hiring me, too... told me to come by tomorrow with a resume, and he'd see what he could do.  I know I'd be great in their store, but I'm not 100% sure I want to work at a place like that.

I know for a fact that they're always too busy to answer their phones (I never once reached anyone at that store by phone), and the customers must often be exceptionally rude.  I saw a little of that during the brief time I was there.  I'd still like to give it a shot, though... maybe it won't be so bad.  I could use a job just like that anyway, and there's no doubt I'll be able to do it.  I really should take the other ideas I've had for work more seriously, though... well, except for the job at Macy's that I'm sure wouldn't be what I want.  ;)  I just thought about my ideal job, actually... working at Sophie's Crepes in San Francisco.  Those things are SO GOOD!  I know I'd probably make a pig outta myself if I worked there, but I can't imagine something simple that I'd enjoy so much.  :P

Maybe I'll start seriously hunting for a good job again.  I miss making good money doing Web sites every day.  Actually, what I miss most is what having a large steady income gave me in terms of flexibility.  If I wanted to, I could save my paychecks and go visit people on my time off... even if that meant taking a plane.  I think I need a job like that again, or I need to seriously think about restructuring the way I spend money every month.  I hate money, though... but I guess ignoring the fact that I need to make money isn't going to do me any good.

Anyways... enough about such trivial things, on to more fun stuff.  I recently created a small list of download links for my favorite techno/trance/dance (and some other genres too!) MP3s.  I've currently indexed 35 of 'em, but the number grows every time I have a minute to update the list with new links.  To anyone reading this, please feel free to let me know if you want the URL of the listing page so you can download all these MP3s.  Post a comment in reply to this post, or drop me a line by e-mail if you prefer, and I'll e-mail you the link.  :)

I can't think of much else to say right now, so I'll just wrap it up by thanking Kathleen's User InformationKat for making me laugh out loud today with her SMS (cellular phone short message).  She almost did it again while I was watching Episode II, as well!  *evil grin*  I hope all of you had a wonderful day today.  Wish me luck at martial arts tomorrow... I'm sure Master Yang is going to surprise me by making me do a form and/or break boards at our demonstration before the promotion ceremonies.  It's always fun, though... and I've yet to screw up when he makes me do something off the cuff, so I'm lucky so far.  Take care, and keep in touch everyone!
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