Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

I have returned!

How ironic... I spend days in Vegas, and I spend more time playing Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix and DDR MAX than I spent doing anything else, including gambling.  Well, I s'pose I slept a bit more often than I played DDR... but you get the idea.  ;)  I got back Monday night, but I've been so busy with work, moving preparations, and other shtuff that I haven't even had the chance to post a new entry here.  I guess it's about time that I did so tonight, eh?  :)

I didn't gamble much, so I didn't really win anything... but the good news about that is that I didn't lose any money either.  *grin*  What was really cool is that our hotel room got comped, so I didn't owe a cent for spending three nights in the Mirage!  It sure was at a great location, too.  I got pictures with my digital camera... I'll have to download those, then upload 'em to my Web server and link 'em when I get the chance.  They'll probably be in my next post, unless I decide to edit this one to add them or something.

Damn, I'm hungry... I feel like I did last night after my very first swing/salsa lesson.  This really cool guy who I met at a local bar/lounge (awesome place called the Fourth Street Tavern... there's live music there every night) offered to teach me and some other people, so I took him up on it.  It's kind of ironic when a person realizes how easy it is to dance freestyle... it's completely different to learn steps to a dance.  In a way, it's kind'a like first learning how to play DDR... but much more difficult for a ton of reasons.  Leading a partner alone takes a completely different level of focus... but couple that with quick rhythmic (and very specific) steps, and you've got quite a challenge on your hands.

Hmmm... I should go into the oddities of Vegas more when I post those pictures of Caesar's Palace and other various stuffage on the strip.  Such a different world... there are no laws against open containers so you can drink anywhere you want and even take it with you, smoking cigarettes inside restaurants... I dunno, it's just so different.  I still get amazed thinking about it, even though it wasn't my first time there.  I feel like I'd enjoy living there, but I know better than to actually do such a thing.  There are better places to move, anyhow... I'd rather move to New York, but of course I have my reasons for that.  ;)

I'll have to post some of those DDR songs I've recently become obsessed with soon.  I absolutely adore dancing to Vincent de Moor's remix of Ghosts, the Perfect Sphere remix of So Deep in DDR MAX, and DJ AC-DC's cover of the Never Ending Story theme.  I had just recently watched that movie again, a couple weeks before I headed to Vegas... so I was determined to figure out how to pass it.  I finally did, along with Ghosts, towards the end of my trip.  I also played Era for a while until I figured it out, too.  So Deep sort'a came naturally after I had worked on those.  Woot, I can pass most any 6-step difficulty song now!  I feel so special!!  *lol*  Ah well, I still suck... but just you wait, I'll be passing 8s some day!  :)
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