Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Chris' Twitter Feed

  • 12:35 * Oooh, Free Iran? I'll take it! (Too soon?) In other news, I got SEARCHED by police officers last night for being out on my BLOCK alone. #
  • 14:44 * I have another invite. I'll share it with the first person who convinces me of why they want it. #fb #
  • 14:47 * Invite code for Dreamwidth claimed by @BeagleJ. Don't worry; I'll have more. (The other one went to @Desulation for asking last time.) #
  • 15:49 * I should NEVER see "unblock" on my followers page 30 minutes after I block spammers; the block link is s'posed to remove them. GO Twitter! #
  • 16:33 * Anyone recall when Twitter didn't involve blocking 10+ spammers a day from your followers page just to see who wants to READ your updates? #
- Chris (cK1)
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