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You guys are gonna hate me... ;)

I swear, everyone is getting addicted to these online tests!  People who used to write about their day at night are now basically copying and pasting HTML into their LiveJournal posts in place of their thoughts.  I hope this doesn't sound insensitive, but I'd much rather hear about your days than what item of food at McDonald's you most closely resemble.  ;)

I took a couple of tests myself to see why everyone's suddenly somewhat obsessed with 'em, and the most interesting one I've taken was that Dungeons & Dragons statistic one.  Since it's not too spammy of a test result, I guess I'll post it.

Str: 10
Int: 11
Wis: 17
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Chr: 18

Don't be discouraged to continue taking all those fun tests due to my random opinion, because that doesn't make sense... nor is that why I wrote this.  I just wanted to let a number of you know that I miss hearing more about you... that's all.  Ah well, time to link the MP3 I'm listening to and hope no one gets too upset at me for this post.  *grin*

Have a wonderful night, and please be sure to let me know which cat food flavor you smell most like tomorrow.  ;)  Oh, and no... I haven't seen a test that has anything to do with cat food yet.  The McDonald's one is here (it's real... *lol*) if you want a laugh, though.  I correctly predicted I'd be a Big Mac.  :)


(Deleted comment)
Jan. 11th, 2002 05:17 pm (UTC)
Re: ^^;
Trust me when I say that I know how that feels... I don't have a lot of time myself.  However, I dunno what you could be apologizing for... you make a lot of nice posts about your life... and even if you didn't, there wouldn't be anything I can think of that you should be sorry for.  That post wasn't directed at you, sweety... or anyone in particular for that matter.  :)

*smoogles Kat*  I'll forgive you for having a life if you want, though... *grin*  I'm simply thankful that we're so much more in touch now than we used to be when we met.  Cellular phones are a beautiful thing like that... we don't even need LiveJournal to stay current, and it's essentially free.  Don't feel the need to ever make a meaningful post, by the way.  Some of the best LiveJournals I've browsed clearly never do that at all, which is probably why I get such a kick out of 'em.  ;)


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