Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Korean Karaoke

Okay, okay... so I had no idea just how much fun Karaoke could be until I first tried it, which was almost a week ago.  While consuming alcohol in the first few hours of 2002, I actually grabbed the microphone and made a complete and total fool of myself.  I simply can not sing, but somehow I seem to be improving a bit.  My problem is that my voice is so deep, and I have no practice at speaking any other way... so I have almost no range at all in my voice.  Strangely though, after forcing myself to sing loudly and clearly for two nights of Karaoke within a week of eachother, I think I've actually been able to hit notes I haven't sung since I was like 10.  It felt pretty good to sort'a duet with a couple of women who could actually sing!

I seriously doubt I'll ever take singing lessons, but it sure was... liberating... to sing somewhere other than in my car or in the shower.  I believe that I understand why Karaoke is so big now... most people really want to sing, but are afraid to actually do it in front of others.  The lyrics and loud background music, combined with the fact that the entire purpose of it is to have everyone sing regardless of their level of talent, sort'a strips away the barriers society encourages you to put up regarding your confidence.  Many of us dream of becoming musicians for a living, and this is sort'a a small taste of performing for a live, captive audience.

The Korean place I was at last night was sweet... they had tons of songs, even by Korean pop groups like S.E.S. that I'd heard of.  I'm just glad we had someone there who knew a little Korean, or otherwise I wouldn't have even known we could sing along to those songs.  That was the first time I'd even seen a place entirely devoted to Karaoke, let alone been singing inside one of the rooms you reserve for such a purpose.  The place was packed, too... though (not surprisingly) most of the people there were in fact Korean or Japanese.

I had a blast... mostly because I realized how bad of a singer I was, and occasionally either busted out laughing when my voice cracked or changed lyrics slightly to poke fun at stuff, which definitely included how bad I was at singing.  ;)  I also played six versions of Bemani games last night... Dance Dance Revolution USA, DDR 4th Mix Plus, DDR Max (5th Mix), Dance ManiaX, Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix, and some new dancing game that had some name I can't remember.  I believe it had DX in the title, though.

That last game was weird... there were five step pads like DDR has, but one pad was in the middle and the other four were all at diagonals to the middle one.  It took some time to get comfortable playing it since stepping on the pads was so different from DDR!  It was my first time playing four of those games, but I think I did pretty well.  The games where you just have to move your hands/arms instead of dancing sure are easy... but it probably helps that I've been developing rapid hand-eye coordination for most of my life using keyboards, mice, and controllers for game systems.  ;)

*yawn*  Wow... this post got a lot longer than I expected, so I guess I'll wrap it up for the time being.  To all of you reading this that are friends of mine, thank you so much for simply being yourselves... and in terms of your kindness, I hope you always stay just the way you are.  Lately, so many of you have brought many a smile to my face... and I've never been happier as a result.  Sorry to get so sappy like this, but it really means a lot to me... and I want you all to know that.  :)
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