Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

What a crazy Wednesday night...

I definitely had one of the more interesting nights of my life a few days ago.  I started off at our local restaurant/brewery and had a couple pints of Abbey Ale (9.1% beer is some potent stuff) to start things off.  Well... the night was young, so I asked a couple of really cute ladies if they'd like to join me on my way down to the Fourth Street Tavern.  The Tavern is a bar where they have live music every night... well, unless the band doesn't show up.  *grin*  Now, this place is usually packed... but I'd never seen it this swamped.  I could barely make it to the door... and there were wall to wall bodies inside, too!

Some dude outside was filming people with a camera, so I suggested that he interview Niko (one of the two cuties I was with) because she "was born to be filmed", and he seemed to agree.  That was fun... she really enjoyed that, and she was smiling even bigger afterwards.  :)  Anyhow, I discovered they both weren't quite 21 (and they both only had a few months to go, too... ouch!) when I was the only one who could produce ID for the dude at the door, and wound up hangin' out with them outside instead for a while.  That was cool, though... they were really good company.  :)

Anyhow, they finally decided they should get home and I went inside... and after quickly downing a screwdriver, I decided that I needed to start dancing.  I danced freestyle... hard, fast, and intensely.  It felt so liberating... and I realized how much I had missed the feeling I got in the past when I moved like that.  Apparently, it attracted some attention... and suddenly I realized the most attractive girl in this huge, crowded bar was nudging her way next to me.  Once I realized she was really interested, I started to move with her... and somehow this instinct took over in me.

I've never taken a single dancing lesson... I just move the way I feel, and at this moment I couldn't help but dance perfectly with her even though I was moving so quickly.  Towards the end of the last song, she started to glide over me... and I remember bending my knees and sort'a undulating for a while along with her, like two waves of water.  For the last minute or two, she was simply bending farther and farther back... leaning over me as I did the same, and it was like some sort of weird limbo as I bent over so far that I was amazed I could still keep my balance.  Martial arts training sure paid off last night... :)

Well... after that rather long scene, I was quickly invited to an afterparty.  I'm glad they let me drive, too... everyone in the car was pretty much wasted, except me.  My legendary tolerance hath returned... but anyhow, one of the women I was with asked me to stop somewhere real quick.  I figured she just had something important to do, but then I started to suspect that she was probably picking up something to inhale.  I figured it'd just be weed or something, but unfortunately it turned out to be Speed.  *sighs deeply*  I guess I should learn to expect this when I go to hang out with musicians and their friends... :(

Apparently, I have a lot of energy... because I never touched what she bought, but managed to dance for hours alongside everyone there... and barely broke a sweat.  I must admit that I actually had a really good time... and I even sort'a learned how to waltz!  I also finally spent a little time with this one girl I see everywhere (she hangs out with my current roommate), but never really got to know 'til then.  Ah well, could've been worse.  I just wish people didn't feel this intense need to abuse their bodies with such crazy stuff.  Substance abuse is scary.
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