Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
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“Hey everybody, it's Chris. I miss you guys and it was really great to hear from so many of you on the last post that I made. I appreciated all of your comments and I hope potentially respond to all the rest of them. So I'm here at a hospital named Caltabates(?) it's in Berkley at the corner of Telegraph and Ashby and this is a major hospital and it's known really well for people giving birth. My sister is pregnant and she is about to deliver. She's almost fully dilated now so I'm really happy for her. She's been doing great and she's healthy, everything's good and so I'm outside just thought I'd grab some food real quick I gotta back up there you know and catch the big show and everything but I am not sure what else to say cos, but I'm really happy to hear from so many of you and I hope to hear from more of you on this post hopefully you can understand my voice and everything like that. So I'm gonna get back up there in a little bit but I wanted to say thank you all for being my friends and for being such wonderful people. I had a party at Saname(?) this weekend which was just amazing by the way on Sunday night and so many great people came it reminds me so strongly of what it means to have you as good friends and how lucky I am but despite the large number of you guys that you all, you all are so amazing such amazing people and I'm really thankful for that I'll never forget that and I never take you for granted. So thank you for being such good people I hope you stay that way. If you ever need anything from me I hope you'll call me, my cell phone number is still 14153028869, I'm also on facebook, myspace and pretty much other any you know any other website you can think of but it's a socially network going till I make a point of being on all of them being reachable. So if you need anything you let me know. So take care and please if you haven't been in touch with me at all please get back in touch with me, let me know how you've been, what you're up to and I'll let you know what happened out here. Actually I should tell you about my new job real quick. I work in the like T H E R E dot com as the system administrator and I have been doing it for about a month and a half and it's great, it's a really great job for people who might ___ and like to party and have a good time and also work really hard I've learned a lot. So I hope all of you have good jobs and if you're not, if you're not working then I hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing. So yeah I still live in the Bay area in the Delmont, can't think about what else to say so I'm just gonna wra(?), wrap this up but take care and I will talk to you all soon. Bye.”

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