Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Yaoi-Con, Anime Destiny, and now... sake~!  :)

First off, yes... this entry has Yaoi-Con and Anime Destiny in the title, but this entry won't yet cover Yaoi-Con 2004 just yet.  As much as I'd like to, I'm too inebriated to describe my experience at Yaoi-Con 2004 just yet.  I was there, I was purchased for $240.00 at the Bishounen Auction, and it rocked.  Anime Destiny, on the other hand... that was really cool as well, and happened earlier today.  I arrived late, and spend most of my time saying hi to people and taking pictures of the cosplay contest and the Iron Cosplay (like Iron Chef, only with certain props to create a mecha costume with).

Right now, I'm staring at an empty bottle of Nigori sake which my roommate and I finished way too quickly.  *evil grin*  Despite the amazing lack of typos, I'm pretty wasted right now.  If you want to e-mail or text message me, now is the time.  I'm never more honest than when I've been drinking.  :)  Want to see some pictures of my roommate John (l33tsysadmin) and I drinking?  Check this out...

I love showcasing full bottles of alcohol!
A few minutes later... shots waiting to be drunk...
Half of the bottle is gone...
Barely a short left...
The last shot...
Confirmation that the bottle's empty... ;)

Go easy on me, my friends.  I'm headed to the hot tub, and I'm already three sheets to the wind.  I'm three shots ahead of John... and that means 9 ounces.  :)

- Chris
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