June 22nd, 2009


Chris' Twitter Feed

  • 20:39 * "Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon." Update: I'll now be available all day to spend my birthday with friends on June 27th! #fb #
  • 21:17 * In other news, happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful dads out there... and all of you who got to spend time with them. ^^ #fb #
  • 22:24 * Y'knooowwwwww... you'd think that Twitter would have caught on to the spammers with the randomly capitalized six letter usernames by now. #
  • 11:51 * Is it just me, or do ya think Twitter should be worried about spam 'n site stability instead of, um... "Verified Accounts"...? Who CARES? #
  • 15:10 I'm at Burma Superstar, just because its so incredibly delicious.. #
- Chris (cK1)