May 7th, 2009


Chris' Twitter Feed

  • 04:51 * Subway, couldja make up your mind on which of your foot long sandwiches will be $5.00? We'd appreciate it.
    Your Customers #
  • 05:17 * I just overheard a guy getting in to his car yell "I LOVE YOU" directly at a police officer who was rolling by.
    It must be the uniform. #
  • 05:28 * YES. @JeffreyATW calls me, offers to meet me where I said that I was going in my previous Twitter post. THIS is what Twitter was for. #
  • 12:28 * Looks like I'm seeing Star Trek at the Metreon's IMAX theater Saturday afternoon AND today. I love pleasant surprises. Thanks, @noukon! #
  • 14:29 * Oh gawd, I started another tweet war by making a blanket statement about Mac software. I'm sorry, interwebs. :D Forgive my ignorance! #
  • 14:40 * Holy shit, guise! My whole @Tidus page is covered in Mac apps now... damn youuu~ Now I have to actually try the new ones. So much time! #
  • 15:02 * Including this one, I've posted 2,995 updates on Twitter. WOW. Anyone want a mention in my 3,000th? Dayumn, I post a LOT of @ replies~! #
  • 15:18 * This is my 3,000th Twitter post!! Thank you to @zellyb, @stevesmunky, and all my other friends for kindly inspiring me to write so much~! #
  • 19:00 * @DareDragoon, by SMS: Btw didn't u say this was imax? Shouldn't we have glasses or something?
    Me: Are you sure that you're not blonde? #
- Chris (cK1)