April 30th, 2009


Chris' Twitter Feed

  • 19:14 * Going to Glas Kat tonight (er, whatever it's called now) to celebrate Amy's 21st birthday. I hope that I make it home. ;) Fun times~! #
  • 00:30 * I think my life could only be improved if I constantly felt the deep, resounding thump and ebb of bass. Torque and bass rule me. #
  • 10:31 * Good morning to all of you... friends, acquaintances, and spammers alike. I wonder how long this hangover is going to last. :( Ow... #
  • 16:04 * Me: "Um, do ya even know what power exchange IS? No? It's domination and submission." @DareDragoon: "What? Domination is our mission?" #
- Chris (cK1)