December 30th, 2004

Tidus' pendant from Final Fantasy X

*blinks slowly*

Every bone in my body is telling me that today is going to be an interesting, scary, fascinating, and generally totally memorable day.  It feels as if it will be pivotal in my life, somehow.  I just know it deep down, but don't know how or why.  I spent last night drinking large quantities of alcohol in my apartment's hot tub with some friends.  It was raining hard and intensely cold, and it was around 10:00pm... but we still had a pretty good time of it.  In fact, I think that was what was so wonderful about it... well, that and the fact that I brought like five bottles of assorted weak and strong alcohol out with me.  I had quite a bit of all of them.  Good times.  I've been "partying" a lot more lately, for whatever reason.  I think my body is telling me to have fun to deal better with some of the stress that I'm under lately, and it's helping.  I enjoy unwinding, as I'm an exceptionally mellow person.

I have a lot to say about a lot of very recent events, but a lot of it is going to have to wait... as I have a very busy day to get to.  I'll start by wishing my very good friend Randee (zell_dincht) a happy 22nd birthday.  I'd also like to wish Shannon (wyvren_song) a very happy 23rd birthday, which happened yesterday.  I tried to call her to wish her well, but apparently her phone isn't accepting any incoming calls for some reason.  Even more strange was that it said this was "per her request", which I find hard to believe... as it's her birthday.  Ah well, I'll have to contact her another way later on.  (Update: I just got an e-mail from her!  I'm so glad that she's okay.  I was starting to worry about her, as she appears to have been severely depressed lately...)

I'd also like to wish Lily (lildogg) a happy 15th birthday today.  She's actually amazingly talented for someone so young, and doesn't in any way appear to be 15.  She's a very strong person, especially considering what she's going through right now... and I just wanted Lily know that she has my support if she ever needs anything.  I met her through her brother Jeffrey (jeffreyatw), who turned 19 four days ago.  Yup... every day is a birthday on my frightfully large friends list.  I wish that I could go to his party, but once again... it's on a Friday night, so of course I'll be working at Starbase Arcade again that day... all day, probably up until an hour before the ball drops on New Year's Eve.  Blah.  I'll see if I can get off early or something.  I'd also like to take this time to thank Jeffrey for being such a good friend.  He's an exceptionally talented guy, and deserves all the praise he must get constantly for all the work he shares with the world.

I'd also like to thank my amazingly cool friend pjammer for assisting me in my job search lately.  I know, I know... I already work seven days a week at times, but I'm looking for one good job to try and replace all of that and normalize my schedule... especially so that when Lindsay gets here, I can spend time with her.  Cross your collective fingers, ladies and gentlemen... and thanks to all of you for being such good friends.  :)  I really miss a lot of you.  Oh, and to the guy I used to hang out with constantly who removed me from his friends list about five or so days ago... I miss you, and I don't know why you don't want to be my friend any more.  I wish that I understood... and I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, though I don't know how I could have.  I just wanted you to know that it hurt to see me removed from your friends list, and I hope this is just a misunderstanding or something.  If you removed me because of my last post, though... then this hurts even more.

I apologize to all of you who I haven't mentioned on your birthdays.  There's simply too many of you, though... I'd have to update every single day.  I'd also like to express my feelings on birthdays that fall around this time, during the Christmas season.  I'm sure that many of you feel as if everyone is simply lumping your celebration in along with the holiday celebrations, and it sort'a ruins the fact that your birthday is such an important and special day.  I obviously don't have that affecting my life, as I was born in June... but I wanted to let you know that I understand, and I'm sorry.  I wish there was something that I could do, beyond my own personal acknowledgements of your birthdays and their importance.  My thoughts will be with you.

- Chris (cK1)