October 27th, 2004


14 weeks without posting... is that a record for me?

As usual, I find myself wondering where to start.  I always feel like I need to somehow sum up what's been going on with my life since the last time I've posted... but of course, that's impossible.  I did return from Lima, Peru a few days after the beginning of August... so I'm not still there, contrary to the beliefs of some people who have commented on my LiveJournal.  *grin*  I've resurrected a lot of content on my Web server, so let me know if you want to download some cool stuff from me.  I'm back to updating a (currently meager) listing of audio, video, and software files that I'm hosting on my good friend Jordan's ProfileJordan</font>'s Web server.  The more I get to know him, the more I realize that he's one of the most true and kind friends I've ever had.  He has a good soul, despite his devious nature... and has helped me more than I can possibly explain or express here.  :)

Some good things have happened in my life, as have some bad things.  In my free time, I've begun to moderate the Anime Theme forums... a place where I'm often treated with an amazing empathy, and have met some wonderful and close friends.  It's been interesting... and while some of my experiences there have hurt me deeply, the experience from start to finish has taught me a lot... and shown me a lot of love.  There's also someone new to many of you in my life, as well... and what really pains me is that I can't talk about her right now.  I want to so badly, but there are some very good reasons why I cannot.  What I will say is that I love her, and that she has chosen to give up everything for me.  I've never been so touched by a gesture in my entire life.  She makes me so happy... and when I spoke of the critical turning point my life was taking two posts ago, I was speaking of her.

She is the beautiful twilight that bathes my soul in joy, my heart in warmth, and my gaze in brilliance.

I'm going to Yaoi-Con again, and you can buy me at the Bishounen Auction again if you wish to.  Isis sent me the e-mail confirming that I'd be sold to the highest Yaoi-Con bidder again this year... and I have an act planned that will make your jaws drop.  I look forward to seeing many of you there, as I hope that you'll say hi to the wandering Irvine cosplayer that is me.  *chuckle*  Yes, I was too lazy (and broke) to get together a Sephiroth costume... and show off the length of my Masamune.  ;)  Maybe next year.  Perhaps I should even do Seymour.  Oh yeah... also, I may be featured at Bishounen Bingo as well... we'll see if they want me or not.  I'll be there all three days... though I may have to go home each night, as I don't have a hotel room to stay in at this time.  Ah well, we'll see what happens... and I'm sure that I'll have an amazing time, regardless.  You will, too... if I have anything to say about it.  ;)

Oh, and no... this is a convention I don't staff.  Really.  I plan to volunteer, though.

I'm not sure when the next LiveJournal party will be, though I'll post about it when I can properly and thoroughly plan it in advance.  I apologize to those of you who have been eagerly awaiting such news, but I'll try to make it worth the wait.  Oh, and before I forget... I have a request for any artists reading this who are interested in some paid work on a published American manga series.  Please check this out, and refer your artist friends to it if you think they might be interested.  It's an amazing opportunity for any highly skilled artists who are thinking about getting into the published manga industry here in the US, which is expanding every day.  Plus, you'll get paid while you do so... how cool is that?  If you think you've got what it takes, check out the post and apply.  I know for a fact that some of you who read this are more than talented enough to handle this job, so please do take a peek!

In other news, Anime Expo 2004 and JapanTown Anime Faire were very cool to staff... and I learned a lot from both of my roles, plus met a lot of cool people.  JTAF has been quite a mixed blessing for me, but I'm still their Director of Live Programming... so we'll see how that goes this year.  By the way, our convention director Ray has planned a number of anime screening room events to be held in Japantown during three weekends in December.  If you're bored on those weekends, I'd definitely check 'em out... we have tons of cool sponsors!  I'll be there as often as I'm able to be, most likely helping out when I can.  Also... if any of you are interested in staffing the Live Programming department of JTAF3, now's the time to ask.  I've already signed up Anthony's ProfileAnthony</font> as a manager in the gaming department.  Though I'm restructuring parts of Live Programming, he'll be a big part of Console Gaming at the very least.

For those of you who want an update from DDR land, here's a fun song for you to download.  Also, we have a hacked DDR EXTREME disc in the machine at Starbase Arcade now... so you can use the Brake, Wave (Fuwa Fuwa), and .5 speed modifiers on any song now.  I find it especially fun to play Last Message on Wave, Hidden, Dark, and Reverse... with 8x on, since the speed modifier doesn't take effect on Wave until you're about to miss the arrows, and looks really cool.  I also have a lot of fun playing V on 2x speed, Brake, Hidden, Dark, and Reverse... it's crazy!  You DDR freakachus should come check out the machine if you haven't already.  I'm also organizing Distraction Attack II, my second DDR tournament at Starbase.  I'll see if I can get sponsorship, and I'll try to keep the entry fee low.  Yup, I'm not funding this one... the entrants are.  I'll announce it way in advance, and post it on a number of message boards.

I'd like to thank those of you who have kept my name on your friends list, instead of giving up on me.  It's really good to see that you guys still want to read what I have to say, and it means a lot.  For those of you who have removed me from your friends lists, though... I do understand.  Not hearing from me for over 12 weeks in any form must sure make it seem like I've moved on... but I'd imagine that those of you who know me well would know better than that.  I'm an LJ whore, for life.  *lol*  Well, probably... I mean after all, I did buy a Permanent Account.  I've gotta take advantage of it.  ;)  Oh, and if I took you off my friends list and you've started posting again... let me know, okay?  I'll happily add you back to my friends list, as I do for all of my friends.  All you need do is ask.  I miss so many of you, and I hope to hear from you soon.  Let me know if you want the secret URL for my download pages, too.  :)

Okay, I'm signing off for now.  If you have any questions for me, there's no time like the present.  Take care, and I hope to see or hear from all of you soon... at Yaoi-Con, a LiveJournal party, on an instant messaging program, or by phone.  Speaking of which, Jer's ProfileJer</font>... when is your punkass going to get on AIM so that I can chat with you?  You told me not to call you before we chat, and thus I've been holding on to your number for like three months now!  :P  I hope that you read this, since you haven't posted in over a month.  Ja mata~!

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- Chris (cK1)