February 12th, 2004


Yes, yes... the party's still on for this Friday and Saturday!

Once again, it's time for LiveJournal addicts to party hard.  *grin*  We'll be meeting at 2:00pm on the third floor of the Metreon, as we so often do... right by the Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME machine.  After most people arrive, we'll carry on another tradition... voting on a movie to see before we leave.  After that, it'll be time for something new... my special brand of LiveJournal trivia!  The winner of the contest will get to order me around a bit, and will get to do something funny in my LiveJournal if they wish.  After we've done that, I'd like to bring everyone outside into the Yerba Buena gardens for some sort of group game... but this will be dependent on the weather (especially the temperature), and whether or not there's an event going on that takes up a significant portion of the grassy field outside.  Let's hope it's sunny and empty, so we can play Ultimate Frisbee or something.  ;)

For those of you who aren't aware of this, I've been experiencing... um... cellular phone related issues, to put it mildly.  My phone is almost always stuck on analog mode while I'm at my full time job and at my apartment, which is really annoying.  Thus... if you send me a text message during that time, it'll get split in to up to four separate messages.  My cell may also cut off the end of the message.  Most annoying of all, however, is that I always lose the phone number that the message came from!  *growl*  Strangely enough, though... I never lose the sender's e-mail address.  So... if you plan on sending me a text message from another phone, please include your name near the top of the message.  Additionally, try to keep the message shorter than average... even if it was sent through the LiveJournal Web site, or something.  Phone calls are always best... and don't ever hesitate to leave me voice mail.  As Natalie's ProfileNatalie often says, "I love messages!"

As I may not have the chance to post again before Valentine's Day, I'd like to wish you all a very happy one.  For those of you who were reading my journal a year ago, you know that I don't really like the notion of this holiday.  It simply stresses out couples most of the time... but what's much worse is that it makes single people feel more alone than any other time of the entire year.  I wish this holiday would just go away, even though I've yet to have a sad one myself.  There is one LiveJournal user in particular who will hold a special significance for me this holiday, as I met her shortly after Valentine's Day a year ago.  I actually even asked her to be my Valentine this year, but that was a week ago... and I've yet to hear back from her.  Actually, tomorrow will be exactly a month since the last time she contacted me.  She's a busy one, though... like me.  Patience is a virtue, they say... but it's no less difficult for me now than when I first realized that I was falling for her.  *sigh*  I guess I'll have to sit tight and let this work itself out on its own.

Thinking about that just sapped my desire to write more... so I guess I'll wrap this up.  For all of you who'll have time to join me for the party, I look forward to seeing you soon.  For those of you who won't be attending, please keep in touch... lest I miss you even more.  You are all precious friends to me.

- Chris (cK1)

Edit on February 12, 2004 at 2:25pm: My apologies for not mentioning this in the post, but the party will extend to Saturday!  I wrote that on my journal's sidebar, but never added it to this entry.  Please visit my LiveJournal for the full party agenda.