January 31st, 2004


LiveJournal Party Update

Yes, I know this is long overdue.  However, this update was hinging on a number of things... and I finally have all the details I need.  So... here's the official word on when and where.  There is a LiveJournal party today (Saturday, January 31, 2004)... but it will be starting early, at 2:00pm.  We'll be meeting by the Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME machine on the third floor of the Metreon.  There won't be any sort of silly lil' DDR tournament, as I have no money to give away... and invite codes are worthless as prizes now, too.  *grin*  Anyhow... we'll vote on a movie after waiting for people for a while, then go buy tickets, then get food.  The party will be ending early, at 7:00pm... why, you ask?  I have somewhere else I need to be, and I wanted to get people together anyway.  Yes, this means no Karaoke... at least officially.  I should be free around midnight for that, though... so give me a call if you're interested, and perhaps we can get a group together.  :)

Since this is kind'a not the way I wanted to throw a party, I'll be throwing another one on February 13th and 14th... and this one will be much larger, as well as longer.  (Larger?  Longer?  Wait, what am I talking about again?  *wink*)  I'm planning on taking that Friday off work, so that we can extend the party through Saturday... and I'll be allowing people to party and crash at my place that night.  Yup... singles unite!!!  I'll have Beatmania IIDX 6th Style (along with my official Konami IIDX controller), alcohol, and lots of other fun stuff.  You can all hopefully meet my cool new roommate, his kickass CD DJ system, and the three ferrets we live with too!  Details to follow, but at least you know what I've been planning... finally!  I understand if you guys don't feel like attending the party today, as it'll be small and informal... but if you're bored, call me up or drop by.  I'll bring snacks as usual.  We'll keep this one small, and brainstorm for the big one.  Cool?  Cool.  ^_^

By the way... what do you guys think of the new layout?  I've still got lots of tweaking to do on it, but I hope you enjoy it for now!

- Chris (cK1)