December 24th, 2003

Male Human from Final Fantasy XI

Phone Post: Christmas Greeting

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“Hey everyone, this is Chris aka tidus. Its about 5:00 and 24th, Christmas eve. I've tried to make two other phone posts, but they haven’t gone too well. The first one I tried to make from the Bay Area Animation Society party and for some reason it didn't get posted at all. And then I tried to make one from a party last night where I was playing Dance Dance Revolution with a bunch of people on Livejournal at my friend Justin's place (LJ username --) and um that didn’t go too well because I heard the post afterwards and I couldn’t understand anything I was saying. I got a whopping one comment that was impressive. Anyway, I'm at work and I figured I'd record something legible so everyone would understand me when I wish them a happy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and whatever else. You all mean a lot to me and the holiday is an awful special time for everyone. If you do anything crazy have fun. I apparently like to listen to myself talk, so I'm going to try and make this one about 5 minutes long. I'm primarily posting this because I wanted my friend Lindsey to hear my voice, and everyone else will be curious about this too. I can't think of much lese to say except I'm listening to some crappy music that some weird person. All I ever do is plug people, which is weird. I'm trying to think of some clever way to wish you all Merry Christmas but I cant think of anything. Gift giving is important, but being with your family is <i>much more</i> important. It is one thing to go out and buy something, throw it in their lap and wish them a merry Christmas, and another thing to genuinely love them, show them that you love them with a gift that is thoughtful(if that is even important to you. The love is the important thing). I shouldn’t be online here at work, I work at a baby store. I sell strollers, and love it! God granted me such a cool jobs. For those who don’t know, I enjoy long walks on the beach, pizza, flirting, and hot man sex. I like to say "yeah hey" a lot when I'm talking. My voice is kinda deep; I think that has something to do, especially today, since I drank. IU had something like 3 cups of Bacardi Razz, but I didn't get a hangover, and I was still able to play DDR, unlike the last DDR drinking party I was at where I was getting Ds on every song I played- when I wasn't failing. Anyway drinking is bad, don't do it, I'm living proof, all my brain cells are gone hich is why I'm rambling. After all the phone posts my friend Grace has done - she has so many Livejournal usernames (sleep_underscore is her most recent one) Sorry I'm not sounding like I'm having much fun as last night, it's because I'm at work talking to strangers. It looks like this is getting up to 5.00 minutes, so I'll remind you all that I'm here for everyone if you need anything. Just give me a call - 415-302-8869. And please take care of yourself. Bye”

Transcribed by: l33tsysadmin
I haven't had much luck with phone posts so far.  I hope that you all enjoy this one, though... and more importantly, I hope that you can actually understand what I'm saying.  :)

- Chris (cK1)
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