December 6th, 2003

My sister and I

It's time for me to be a comment whore. Again. *grin*

For those of you who I haven't yet mentioned this to, which is probably the majority of people reading this... I've moved!  My new place in San Rafael is only a few miles away from where I used to live, though.  My new roommate is a DJ, too... and he owns three giant subwoofers that were formerly used in movie theaters.  I've already had Eve (capt_koki), Stephanie (araiiane), Nick (vok_reihe), Noah (djnoah), Asya (simplycynical), Zsofia (precum), and Dan (vienchere) over at least briefly... but I'd like to have a party there too.  Here's a silly little poll I created.  I want to see if people would mind having a LiveJournal party on a Friday in January, instead of a Saturday.  :)

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That's all, folks... except for this very entertaining picture of Matt (bi_boy), Jennifer (ankoku_jin), and me!  It's especially entertaining due to some graphical modifications done by bi_boy.  Enjoy!  Yes, I'm using another cut to keep this from breaking all 481 of your pretty layouts.  ;)

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- Chris (cK1)