October 29th, 2003

Sora from Kingdom Hearts (Captivated)

It's time for the next LiveJournal Party!!!

Update: The LiveJournal party date has changed!  See this post for details!!!

I've been very, VERY busy lately.  I have a new job, but more importantly... I had a blast cosplaying as Irvine Kinneas (from Final Fantasy VIII) recently at Yaoi-Con 2003!  I was in the Bishounen Auction, and got purchased by a female Squall cosplayer for $70.00... despite that I was one of the first people up on stage!  For those of you who saw me up there, you know I earned every bid... crawling towards the audience, rubbing up against stuff, shaking everything, and running my hands seductively over my costume.  I just wish they would have let me use my plastic rifle up on stage... then I really could have put on a performance.  At least it allowed me to have both my hands free at all times, for other things... ;)

I'll talk about Yaoi-Con more later... first things first.  I've been getting a lot of questions about why the next LiveJournal party hasn't been announced, so here's the deal... I want to throw one as an excuse for all of us to watch The Matrix: Revolutions at the Metreon together.  Sound cool?  I wanted to create a poll so that people reading this (who plan on attending) could choose if they wanted the party to happen on the opening night of the movie, or if I should stick to a Saturday as always.  However, I'm flaky as usual... and it's a week until the movie starts, so there's no time for a poll now.  I've decided the party will be on the opening night of the movie... Wednesday, November 5th.  We'll gather on the third (movie) floor at 7:00pm, and watch it on the IMAX theater at 8:20pm.

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It'll be a shorter, later party than usual... and may not include dinner and/or a Dance Dance Revolution tournament.  I'd like to throw Karaoke in there somehow, too... but I don't think that'll be possible.  That's okay, though... we'll just make sure someone's in line for the movie, and have a good time anyway.  :)  If you plan to be there, buy your tickets on Fandango for the 8:20pm showing NOW.  Enter 94103 as a zip code, and choose today's date... it'll reset the date to the proper one.  This movie will sell out if you don't hurry, especially because this is an IMAX showing.  The tickets went on sale very recently, so hurry!  If you have any questions, give me a call or send a text message to my cellular phone with your name and number, so I can call you back.  I hope to see many of you there.  Please leave a comment if you plan to join us!

- Chris (cK1)

P.S.  You can thank my good friend Kathleen's ProfileKathleen for the song I linked this time... :)