September 5th, 2003


Since it had to be said, I'm saying it...

Okay, I suck.  You know I suck, and I know I suck.  Why do I suck?  Because I freakin' almost NEVER update, and this time I didn't even post about the LiveJournal party we had.  Even Nytshaed's ProfileNytshaed pointed out to me in person that I never update.  My last update (well, except for the explanation afterwards) wasn't even made by me... it was made secretly by my close friend Zsofia's ProfileZsofia while I was logged in!  *lol*  So, this is a public apology... I am very sorry for not updating you on stuff.  However, this will change... and when I soon made my upgrade to the sexy S2 style thing on LiveJournal, I will begin to post the future dates of LiveJournal parties and other events right in my journal's layout.  That way, you'll know what's up without having to call me, e-mail me, or wait for a rare and elusive update in my LiveJournal.

On a very serious note, I would like to apologize to all of you who were not informed by word of mouth regarding the most recent LiveJournal party I threw... this will not happen again.  I feel like such an idiot for not tossing up a ten second blurb here about it, a week before or whatever.  I just get really distracted, start typing up a huge post like this, and then somehow the computer gets shut off or someone closes the window... and my enormous update about my trip to Peru, the party, my new MP3, and all the other crap gets lost in the ether that is volatile memory.  I'm doing my best to get back in the habit of small, non-retarded updates... like I did way back when I didn't have 440 people listing me as a friend...

Going in reverse order, hmm... let's see.  I've recently made a lot of new friends who have LiveJournal accounts, and spent a good amount of time hanging out with them or talking with them on the phone.  Most of them are staffers at Yaoi-Con and JTAF, which I'm staffing this year as well.  This is very cool... because I love them all to death.  I swear, every last person I've met who staffs these two conventions has been extremely kind to me and everyone around them.  I feel very lucky to work with them.  Some of them also were on staff with me at Fanime earlier this year, which makes it even more of a party.  *grin*

Peru was awesome... I even found three DDR machines right by my family's apartment!  Yes, I did crowd whore... why do you ask?  ;)  The newest one of them was a really ghetto 3rd Mix Korean 2, so I had a blast playing Shock, Starian, Hogisim, and some other fun Korean 2 exclusive songs on SSR mode.  I really got some attention playing that crazy catastrophic-only Nonstop course that starts with Afronova, and also has Dead End and a bunch of other songs... all on Flat, thanks to SSR.  I think it was this special Ranking course.  Ah well, it resulted in me sweating madly afterwards... but it was cool to get a crowd of people applauding and cheering me on in Spanish instead of English.

The best DDR player I met (who only spoke Spanish) played it with me, so that made it even more interesting as I attempted to converse with him in my less-than-fluent Spanish while struggling to keep breathing while playing all those 9-foot songs.  I haven't done all that much else in DDR land lately, other than nearly getting to the final song on the Trick Oni course.  I actually managed to get a full combo through the first three songs (yes, I comboed Ecstasy too) and hold it for a while during AM-3P.  Unfortunately, I won't be beating Max 300 on Oni mode any time this year... I can be sure of that.  It'll be a laugh just to see it at 1/4 speed once I make it to the end of the course, though.  I'll see if I can get 250 steps into the song before this month is up.  :)

More to come later... I'm still stuck at work, and I really really want to leave and have some fun now.  Take care!

- Chris (cK1)