August 3rd, 2003


So much to say, but so little time...

Last night, my aunt and uncle (who live here in Peru) and my aunt Fanny (who lives a town away from me in the US) nearly got robbed by four men and a woman who all were brandishing large handguns.  They were at a Chinese restaurant not far from our apartment in Miraflores, eating and minding their own business... and then two guys who were eating there stand up and brandish some pistols, while three other people barge in the front and take out the male security guard.  Luckily, they got nothing from my family... because my uncle stalled them for a few moments (they were at the farthest table from the front), and then the lights were cut as the building's alarm was set off.

They ducked under their table as the robbers took off, but no police ever showed up or anything.  That pissed me off a lot, but not as much as the thought of anyone hurting my family.  It makes me so mad...!!!  They were just minding their own business... and I'm glad they came to visit my sister and I at the apartment last night to talk about it.  I just wish they hadn't been subjected to those assholes.  We made them some tea and coffee, calmed them down, and let them talk.  My aunt Daysi kept rearranging plates and stuff... I felt so bad...

Peru really is a beautiful place, at least in a number of areas I've visited... but there is also a lot of poverty here, which is blindingly apparent in certain districts of Lima... such as Huaycan, where every house is a shack... and most roofs require large rocks as weights to keep the ceilings in place.  People will sell you nearly anything, anywhere... while you're waiting for a stop light, leaving your hotel, or even crossing the street.  I also noticed people making a move to rob me as I was getting off the airplane, but that was as bad as it got.  Our friend Sally even was given 5 Soles that were counterfeit, as change at a marketplace.

I've got to wrap this up now, but I want to thank all of you who wished me well on this trip first.  I noticed that a few people removed me as a friend, so I'll have to ask them about that when I get home when I have more time.  Thanks to those of you who have been patient with me... I'll add your new LiveJournal accounts to my friends list when I return to my apartment in the US, and try to catch up with you all.  Thanks to the new people who added me during my trip, as well... you are very kind, all of you.  Stay cool, my friends... and I look forward to partying with many of you at the Metreon or something in a couple of weeks!

- Chris (cK1)
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