July 21st, 2003


Guess what?

I'm going to Peru... and my 12+ flight leaves tomorrow morning!  I'll be staying at my family's apartment in Lima for some time, then I'll be heading to Cusco for the rest of the trip.  I expect to climb Machu Picchu, chew some coca leaves, and go clubbing a lot... though not necessarily all at the same time.  *grin*  I should be back in a couple of weeks, around the morning of Wednesday, August 6th.  I'll probably plan a LiveJournal party for shortly afterwards, most likely for Saturday, August 16th or something.  I hope you all have a wonderful time while I'm gone.  If you need to reach me in an emergency, my cellular phone won't work in Peru... so if you want to call me at the apartment in Lima, the number is 011-51-1-242-5997.  You can also e-mail me, but don't expect me to receive e-mail often.  For that matter, it won't be easy to reach me by phone... but I'll do the best I can to check messages or whatever.  :)

I'll miss you all.  To those of you who have been around for at least a while, thank you for being such good friends.  To my new friends (such as yunaleska), I look forward to getting to know you better as time goes on.

- Chris (cK1)