June 19th, 2003

Tidus' pendant from Final Fantasy X

Fanime, and my upcoming LiveJournal party

I've got to make this quick, as I have to get some sleep so that I can run around and do like 20 different things tomorrow.  I'm staffing Fanime this year, so I have to transport and set up a Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME machine over at their arcade.  My apologies to those of you who love playing DDR at Starbase Arcade, but Fanime has dibs on the machine for the next three or so days.  This also means that I won't be at Starbase on Friday either.  I'll miss you guys... but I hope to see some of you at Fanime!  :)  At any rate, I hope that all you Fanime attendees will drop by the arcade room to say hi, or give me a call so that we can meet up and talk for a bit.  I might even give you free DDR... *grin*  If you're going to Fanime this year, please leave a comment to let me know!

In other news, I'm having another LiveJournal party soon.  It'll be on the 28th, which is the last Saturday of this month (and the day after my 24th birthday).  It'll be at the Metreon yet again, as I was a total flake and didn't post a poll like I said I would.  I wanted you guys to vote on the next location... but it looks like that'll have to wait until my next party.  Anyhow, the time will be the same as always... 3:00pm.  However, the location will change this time... we're meeting outside, in the Yerba Buena Gardens.  Don't worry, though... the group will still be easy to find.  Just look for us right near the waterfall... and if you're not sure where I'm talking about, you can always call me now or when you arrive to ask me where the hell the meeting spot is.  *grin*

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In other news... I miss you, Lindsay.  I know you're busy with eBay auctions and site updates... but I hope to hear from you soon, whether it's an e-mail or a phone call.  Also, happy birthday to the 50 other people on my friends list who are also having birthdays this month.  (I'm not exaggerating; it's exactly 50.)  I wish I had time to wish you all a happy birthday individually, but I'll be lucky if I get up at all later this morning if I do.  Please take care, all of you... and as I've said before, let me know if any of you need anything.  If we're friends, I care very much about you... and I'll always be here for you, in any capacity I can be.  Call me, e-mail me, text message me, or leave me a comment... it doesn't matter how you reach me.  Just please let me know if you need a little help, and I'll do the best I can.  *hugs*

- Chris (cK1/Crusader/Tidus)