May 13th, 2003


The Matrix has me... er, at least $9.50 of my cash...

If anyone wants to join me, there's a party celebrating the launch of The Matrix: Reloaded in San Francisco on Wednesday night (the 14th) at 7:00pm.  It's a little over a block away from the Metreon.  It's $12 a head, or $10 if you cosplay... er, dress up... in a Matrix-like outfit.  Full details can be found on this Web site.  You can expect a Trinity lookalike contest, a screening of The Animatrix, live DJ action, and much more fun stuff.  You can thank pjammer for helping to bring this all together, by the way... and he'll be one of the judges for the Trinity lookalike contest as well.  *grin*  As always, feel free to call my cellular phone at any time (day or night) with any questions you might have.

I apologize for still not having a wrap-up of my most recent LiveJournal party, but it's coming soon.  In the meanwhile, here's an LJ cut containing the list of attendees that I remember showing at my Metreon gathering.  As before, let me know if you didn't spot your name and LiveJournal username on this list.  Leave a comment if I made a mistake, also... I'd prefer that this list was accurate, so that everyone can get in touch with everyone else.  :)

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By the way, I've pre-purchased tickets for The Matrix: Reloaded.  I'll be seeing it on Thursday at 9:30pm at the Metreon, so perhaps I'll see some of you there.  If they still (by some miracle) have tickets left for pre-purchase, go buy 'em... and join us on opening night!  That's all, folks... for now, at least.  I always have more to write, but I never seem to have the time to write it all.  I just hope you're all doing well, and I'd like to remind you that I'm always here for you if you need me.  :)

- Chris (cK1)