March 7th, 2003


It's about time that I write this here...

This idea's been floating around in my head for a while, ever since around the time pjammer and I were discussing it over the phone.  I think I'm going to make it a reality... I'm going to organize and host a huge LiveJournal meeting in San Francisco.  Currently, I plan to host it at the Metreon... because it's got everything we need to make it a success.  For starters, the most important factor for making this happen is... yup, there's gotta be parking.  Unlike Pier 39, parking is actually affordable at the Fifth and Mission garage on the adjacent block.  Hell, I'll even pay for your parking if you're short at the end of the night... all you have to do is ask me.  (Yes, I really mean it.)  Also, you can get to the Metreon easily using public transportation... and you'd only have to walk a block from BART, so it's even easy for LiveJournal users in the East Bay to make an appearance.  There's also tons of food places, many of them quite good and affordable... plus coffee, movies, and even Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME.  ;)

I've decided on a great place for all of us to meet, too.  On the very top (public) floor of the Metreon, there's a really nice and spacious balcony overlooking the nearby Yerba Buena Gardens.  Everyone should be able to find the spot, because we're not meeting at some random spot outside the building... and better still, we can all chill in the nearby space indoors if the weather is bad.  There's even a restaurant that could accommodate a group of our size on that floor.  While I can't afford to buy everyone food, I can bring lots of free drinks and such.  That way, no one will have to rely on water fountains... or worse, spend $2 or $3 on the drinks they sell in the free-standing vending machines on the upper floors (or from the theater vendors).  I may even buy pizzas and bring 'em, but that depends on the response I get.  I'll have to talk to the Metreon staff and see what they think about all this, and if I can coordinate with them to better organize the event.  They're really cool guys, and I know a lot of them anyway because I'm there so much.  :)

The reason I'm doing this, instead of just relying on, is because I used to be a very regular host for the Meetup events the site brought together.  The first one I went to was okay, but there was limited information about it... most importantly, the fact that it was at a 21 and up location.  The second time, I hosted... and it was cool.  I kept hosting, but every Meetup after that sucked... the venues had no parking so no one came, or the Web site screwed up the locations and listed the wrong place... or something else went wrong.  You couldn't even RSVP one time.  It was horrible, and I've totally given up using that site for getting together with other LiveJournal users.  I tried, hard... but the only people who ever showed up (even after waiting hours for them at the shitty venues) were people I personally talked to the day of the event by cellular phone, or who I brought with me.  It's a damn shame, too... because the site is really a good idea.  It was just horribly executed and buggy, and they never fixed anything quickly.

If you're reading this, and you're not an insensitive prick, you're invited.  *grin*  I'll be inviting many people using very personal invitations, to ensure this is a success... and I expect a turnout of at least 50 people.  I'm still deciding on the final date right now, but it'll definitely be on a Saturday towards the very end of this month... and it'll most likely begin around 5pm.  I'd like to hear what you think, so feel free to leave any comments you might have about the location or the timing.  I'll be posting some preliminary polls in my future entries to gauge interest in locations and other stuff.  Your comments will be the most helpful in determining what actually happens, though.  I hope this turns out to be a blast for everyone who participates... and I'll make it a success the best way I know how, through communication.  My cellular phone (which is always on and by my side) will be the primary point of contact for anyone who needs any information.

If the link containing my cellular phone number tells you the entry is protected, log in... or if you're not on my friends list, e-mail me and ask for my number.  I give it out freely to anyone who asks.  I'll also be happy to add you to my friends list if you have a LiveJournal account... again, just ask and you shall receive.  :)

- Chris (cK1)