February 14th, 2003


What day is it again?  ;)

It's just after 3... in the morning of the day where you can expect to see lots of people holding hands, all day long.  I know some of you are going through hard times right now, as today is also one of the most common days when people hurt the people they're in relationships with... and that upsets me greatly.  If a person wants to get out of a relationship, that's all well and good.  However, it's just plain malicious to dump someone on Valentine's Day.  I'm incredibly thankful that such a thing has never happened to me, because I fear I might break down and cry for the rest of the day if someone hurt me like that.  Talk about the worst day I can think of to lose someone you want to be with.

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If any of you are feeling lonely or down today, feel free to give me a call on my cellular phone... or just send me a short text message.  Today's a horrible day for people who are single... and to be honest, I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to do away with this day entirely.  I feel like it hurts more people than it brings together.  At any rate, I won't be doing anything incredibly abnormal as I'm stuck at the arcade 'til 11pm.  It's a great part time job, but sometimes (well, often) I really wish I could choose to be somewhere else on Friday nights.  Ah well, the crowd that comes in there always brings the biggest smiles to my face... and I don't work on Saturday night, so there's always that night instead.

I feel like a lot of you are slipping away from me... close friends that I spend time with in person, those of you I only see once in a long while... and those of you I've only talked to online.  If you're reading this and would like to catch up on stuff with me, leave me a comment.  We'll arrange a time to chat by phone or online, okay?  I hope all of you... whether you're single, dating, or even married... will find today to be enjoyable, and perhaps even precious.  As always, I'm available 24/7 if you need me.  I'm just glad that some of you are still taking me up on that these days.  :)

- cK1

P.S.  If any of you want my usual obligatory DDR update, here it is.  The tournament I threw kicked all ass, and went off smoothly as hell.  Also, I recently scored my second AA on an 8-foot Heavy song.  Granted, it was only Spin the Disc... but I'm still happy that I did it.  I've only played the song like 10 times ever, too... and I had it on 1.5x speed, along with Dark, Boost, and Hidden as I'm fond of messing around with from time to time.  :)

This post is dedicated to pyronikari... :)

Maybe Crackpr0n/Mikey/Pyronikari was neutered as a child... and maybe he's just a babbling alcoholic.  All I know is that he's really quite pathetic.  It's rare that someone upsets me at all, and he's earned a cozy spot in my LiveJournal for it.  I'm sure all of you (except maybe Helen's ProfileHelen) who know of his existence already think he's a prick, anyway.  He began pissing me off by taking over Helen's screen name, as you can see in the chat log I've done an LJ cut on below.  As I'm sure you'd figure out, my screen name in this chat log is Tidus SeeD.

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Apparently, she didn't "know better than to unblock me" or whatever.  The very next time I see Helen's screen name on, I say hi... and it's him again.  I try to be civil, and he talks shit and blocks me a second time before I can even respond.  THAT pissed me off.  He's now blocked from posting in my journal, and every community I control.  Feel free to taunt him and call him a little bitch, as he is one.  *stretches and yawns*  Well, that was worth the five minutes it took to post.  Congratulations on being the first person I've deemed worthy of treating like shit, Mikey.  When you grow some balls and are sober enough to walk, feel free to come visit me... and I'll show you why you don't fuck with my friends.  Everyone I've mentioned your name to already wants to kick your ass, and that was before I mentioned any of what happened between you and me.  :)

Helen, I apologize... but I really had no choice but to remove you from my LiveJournal friends list in light of this.  This has already happened to friends we both share (I should post the log I was sent like 15 minutes after I posted this), so you must be aware that it will happen again... and that people aren't going to be so understanding the next time.  As long as this perma-drunk guy is going to be using your computer, I'm not going to give him a way of bashing me publicly that I can prevent... and having you on my friends list means he can post in my LiveJournal both publicly and at will if you've stored your password on the machine he's using.  Let me know if you want to get in touch with me about this... and I recommend you take your friend to Alcoholics Anonymous.  I'm still amazed that I've restrained myself this much, after being treated so rudely for being kind.