January 31st, 2003


It's coming...!!!

That's right... my Dance Dance Revolution tournament is less than 13 hours away!  For those of you who don't know the details, I'm funding and organizing Extreme Attack... my very own DDR competition.  It begins at noon on Saturday, February 1st.  It'll have the usual elements, sporting both a Perfect Attack and Freestyle category... but I can't leave well enough alone, and I'm adding my own creative twists.  I've always said that the purpose of DDR is to have fun, and that's why you'll see a bit of my odd humor mixed into the competition.  Expect random distractions as part of Perfect Attack, and cash prizes funded by yours truly.  There will even be enough free pizza and caffeinated drinks to either fill everyone's stomachs, or totally empty my checking account.  ;)

I love DDR... all of you know this.  The reasons why are simple... it encourages athletic, aerobic activity.  It blends technology with music, encourages better coordination, and can even help shy people break out of their mold and present themselves more readily to the public.  It's exercise without the costly gym membership that many can't afford, encourages you to be yourself, and displays a part of your own style in the dance you do.  Best of all, younger people tend to pick it up easily... so it's not as intimidating as many might expect.  I promote DDR because I believe it promotes healthy living, and it's a safe and worthwhile activity for just about anyone.

The tournament is free to enter... just pop $1 in the machine to play your qualifying song, and every other song you play in the tournament is on us.  We'll also be awarding gift certificates, and the arcade itself is full of really great old and new games.  Regretfully, the DDR Extreme machine is the only Bemani game... but we'll be fixing that soon.  I expect us to pick up a Dance ManiaX machine before the year is up, and we'll just keep going from there.  If anyone has any questions about the tournament, feel free to give me a call.  My phone is always on, and the number is right there on the tournament information page.  Call any time, including at 3am if you like.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoy playing DDR, I hope you'll show up and have a slice of pizza with us at the very least.  All are welcome to watch and/or enter the competition.  Oh, and feel free to spread the word about this competition... I've also posted about it in my very own San Francisco Bay Area community, and the DDR community as well.  :)

- Chris (cK1)