January 13th, 2003



...I was going to write about the fire I put out at my office, which happened a little over a week ago... but I don't really feel like it any more.  I guess I'll write about it next time I post, or whatever.  This is the second time I can recall being sort'a overwhelmed with emotion... and as always, it was caused by stuff from many different people at the same time.  I need another break.  I'll be back, maybe on Thursday or something.  I just can't deal with anything right now, too much shit at once to handle any part of it adequately.  Oh how I love AIM, this damn pager at work going off 5 times a minute, and all the rest of this shit.

To those of you reading this who have no idea what's bothering me, thanks for being such good friends.  I hope all of you are well, though I've been reading your journals and realize many of you are not.  I wish I had more energy to console you, but I feel particularly weak right now... and I'm not used to feeling weak, just like I'm not used to feeling angry.  I haven't felt like this in a very long time.  See you in 4 days or something, and call my cell if you need anything.