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I can't write much because I'm at an Internet terminal that I only paid for 30 minutes on, but I'm having an awesome time here!  I arrived at about 10:30pm on Tuesday night, and the first thing I noticed was how different the air smelled.  Practically everything about the areas I've been visiting so far has been influenced by American culture and business... there are RadioShack stores and tons of American fast food places, and even American cellular phone companies.

I've been enjoying myself by visiting ruins, eating at amazingly good Peruvian restaurants, and drinking at night with my cousins.  I miss all of you, and wish you were here... but I'll have plenty of great stories to tell you soon.  :)

- Chris (cK1)


Aug. 13th, 2003 12:57 pm (UTC)
*grin* Not exactly...
Actually... the reason the air smelled differently was because the pollution level was so very, very high.  If you think Los Angeles is bad, Lima would kick your butt... the smog is so thick that you can almost never tell what time of day it is by looking at the sky.  There is zero visibility for stars, the sun, and the moon... except on a rare day after strong winds and light precipitation, where the sky clears up enough to turn blue instead of its usual gray haze.  While it looks nasty, it makes for some interesting pictures...

Oh, and by the way... Los Angeles is like 350 miles south of me, so I don't get down there a lot.  It's pretty bad there too, but the smell of the air is nothing compared to Lima.  As for me being Peruvian, yes... I most certainly am, and I'm more Peruvian than any other ethnic background that I know of.  We probably talked about this before, but it's really no huge deal.  As for the native trees and plants, they are all huge... everything grows like four times bigger there, thanks to the exceptionally fertile soil that's native there.  It does nothing to curb the pollution levels, though.  :(

I'm ba-aaaaaaaaaack... :)

- Chris


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