Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Almost got fired today... well, sort'a...

Here's the story... I forgot to make the deposit at work last night, primarily because my mind was on Shannon's ProfileShanny after our long, wonderful talk last evening.  Oops... wound up waking my boss up at midnight as a result, which I'm sure he didn't enjoy.  Ah well... at least he got a free breakfast out of it.  *grin*  That was the least I could do after waking him up, then forcing him to come in early (because I'm not allowed to unlock the store 'til I'm scheduled for work) to make the deposit in my place, and straighten everything out.  *sigh*

I dropped by the store at 7 AM, and guess who was standing there?  Yup, my boss... two hours before the store was even scheduled to open, and he'd already been there for a while.  Ugh... talk about feeling guilty about my screw up!  I don't think I'll ever be doing that again... but still, I just don't understand why there wasn't anything else I couldn't do about it.  I offered to call RadioShack (Tandy) security, and suggested like 10 other ideas... but apparently, there's simply nothing the average joe like me can do once he's locked up the place without making the deposit.  That just sucks!!!
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