Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

The (greatly anticipated) party wrap-up!

It was good.  It was bad.  At times, it was even ugly.  Enough about the daily posts on my LiveJournal friends list, though... let's read about the party!  *grin*  For those of you who missed it, I threw my first LiveJournal party last weekend.  The date: Saturday, March 29th.  The time: 4:00pm, though only like two people were there on time besides me.  The place: Sony's Metreon, on the balcony outside the very top floor.  The occasion: Do LiveJournal users really need a reason to party?  Anyhow... it was good.  We met up atop the building, some of us chatting for as long as an hour while we assembled a large group... then headed down a floor to the Dance Dance Revolution: 5th Mix machine for a mini-tournament.  The goal was simple... score as many points as you can on the Euro Mix of's Boys on Maniac, with Flat mode on.  Reg's ProfileReg (RegMo) came in first, and won himself six months of paid account time which he generously asked me to give to Ayori's ProfileAyori (DDRgirl).  In return for his kindness, I decided to give him a six month paid account as well.  Aaron came in second... winning two LiveJournal invite codes to use as he wishes.  I didn't offer any third prize, but Justin's ProfileJustin (Squigger, a.k.a. Kudo) would have received it if I had... which is no surprise, as Justin and I used to play that song together on 4th Mix Plus all the time.  *evil grin*

After the DDR fun ended, we headed to Mel's Drive In for some grub.  Nearly everyone had a really good time flirting, chatting, eating, and generally enjoying themselves there... but when the bill came and I made the rounds to collect cash, I realized I was screwed.  I seriously considered announcing that we were over $60 short (the bill was $190 after tax and the included gratuity of 15% or higher), but I just sucked it up and paid instead.  Note to self: Never, ever take that many younger people to a restaurant where it'd be unreasonable to get separate checks.  *sigh*  After that, we headed back to the Metreon for a movie... at which point a number of people (mainly those who were broke) headed out.  We voted and generally agreed to watch Head of State, bought tickets, and most of the crew headed upstairs to grab seats.  We only wound up buying tickets about five minutes before the movie started, so people had to rush upstairs pretty fast.  Then, many of the movie-goers stuck around and we hung out to play more DDR.  Eventually, a small group of my closer friends (including me) headed off to partake of some Karaoke action... and eventually we decided to head to Justin's apartment at San Francisco State University to sleep.  Thanks for letting us crash at your place, bro... I really appreciate all your help that night.

I know I did a horrible job of confirming the date and time of this party, but I've been so busy that I actually didn't rest for more than an hour or two at a time over the course of three or four days around the time of this past weekend.  (Wow, I can tell how tired I am just by re-reading that last sentence.)  That's why I offer my phone number, so that people can call me whenever they want up to the minute details on anything I'm organizing.  Still, I know I could have done a better job of informing people... but let's just call this the "beta" version of this party.  The final release will be in another month or so... and I'll do a much, much better job of getting the word out.  Expect updates in my journal, invitation posts in other communities, and a regularly updated list of who claims they're coming... and who isn't sure yet.  You'll even be able to vote on venues which I'll be checking out in advance, to be sure they're suitable... assuming any place besides the Metreon will work.  I'm also going to have an agenda posted, so that people will know where the group will be located at any given time... and it will even account for a movie if we're seeing one together, which you'll also be able to vote on in advance.  You'll still be able to call my cellular phone to see where we are (if any plans change), and you can't find the group where you expect them to be... but now, even the shyest of us will be able to just drop by and see if they want to stay.  :)

For all of you who specifically told me you'd show, then flaked on me... you people need to learn to stop claiming you'll be somewhere, and then simply not show up without a single word about it of any kind.  Actually, there are some of you who still haven't mentioned a thing about why you said you'd be there... but never were.  That was the problem I had when I was hosting parties using the Web site... and it really ruined the fun for people who actually did show.  I still remember the time when around 20 local people confirmed their attendance, yet I was one of the two people there after waiting for hours.  No one even called.  Very lame.  If you say you're going to be somewhere, show up or call.  If you're not sure, say you'll probably make it... so that I don't buy lots of extra food and drinks for you and others who do the same.  No one enjoys waiting for an hour or more because a group of people decided to flake, and couldn't take 10 seconds to let anyone know.  I'd much rather have 25 people on the "maybe" list instead of 5 on the "definitely" list.  If you need details or aren't sure about something, then freakin' call me.  It's not hard... and it's the considerate thing to do if you actually confirm your attendance, or are even remotely interested in joining us.  While I'm not asking for an explanation, I sure wouldn't mind one.  This thing didn't exactly organize itself... and the food and drinks didn't magically appear either.

Despite anything that could go wrong, I'll be doing this again for sure... as often as I'm able, with the goal of once every four or five weeks.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated, as long as its purpose isn't primarily to bash me or others.  Post all you like on this one... I'd love to hear what you have to say, and I expect criticism.  I hope to see many more of you locals the next time around... and I hope you'll leave me a phone number (which I'll write down on a list of people to call and invite) if you're interested in showing up for the next one.  I'll be throwing it in the same place, at the same time... most likely on April 26th or May 3rd.  Both of those dates are Saturday... and we'll again meet up at 4:00pm on the balcony of the Metreon's top floor, if that's the venue you guys choose.  Voting will open soon.  Oh, and a note to all of the people on my friends list who are reading this... thank you for your encouragement, attendance, and all the support you've given me regarding all of this.  I've read many posts on my friends list that described how much fun you had, and it means so much to me that you appreciate the efforts that brought many of us together this past weekend.  Even if you're just reading this and didn't attend the gathering (or even comment on the post for it), I thank you for being my friend and supporting me.

- Chris (cK1)
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