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This post is dedicated to pyronikari... :)

Maybe Crackpr0n/Mikey/Pyronikari was neutered as a child... and maybe he's just a babbling alcoholic.  All I know is that he's really quite pathetic.  It's rare that someone upsets me at all, and he's earned a cozy spot in my LiveJournal for it.  I'm sure all of you (except maybe Helen's ProfileHelen) who know of his existence already think he's a prick, anyway.  He began pissing me off by taking over Helen's screen name, as you can see in the chat log I've done an LJ cut on below.  As I'm sure you'd figure out, my screen name in this chat log is Tidus SeeD.

Tidus SeeD: ra ra ra :-)
rimiruru: laaaaa
Tidus SeeD: how are yewww
Tidus SeeD: *hugs*
Tidus SeeD: hmmm I wonder if you can make it to my DDR tournament on the 1st of February :-)
rimiruru: 0_o where is your tourney?
rimiruru: oh ya
rimiruru: i can't readt oo well
Tidus SeeD: my arcade in San Rafael :-)
rimiruru: cuz the pc is hooked to a tv
Tidus SeeD: ack lol
rimiruru: san rafael is far from richmond isn't it? x.x
Tidus SeeD: the arcade's called Starbase... http://www.starbasearcade.com/
Tidus SeeD: San Rafael is right across the Richmond/San Rafael bridge
rimiruru: x.x well
rimiruru: i kinda can't get there
rimiruru: no car and stuff
Tidus SeeD: you might possibly be able to take a Golden Gate Transit bus there
rimiruru: who wouldbe there tho?
Tidus SeeD: how do you get to SF?
Tidus SeeD: BART I assume? you'd just take a different public transit method
Tidus SeeD: as for who will be there, I assume a lot of RTA people and a bunch of the locals at my arcade
Tidus SeeD: and whoever else I invite that can come, I'm not publicly posting about this tournament but everyone keeps finding out about it through word of mouth
rimiruru: ah
Tidus SeeD: all the RTAers keep talking about it so it'll probably pack the arcade
rimiruru: ehhhh
rimiruru: to be honest
rimiruru: i'm not too fond of the rta ppl :x

Tidus SeeD: at any rate, there are no guarantees with people that have no cars
rimiruru: like some or most of them
Tidus SeeD: *nods* sorry to hear that
rimiruru: i'll just say that
rimiruru: ^_^ their life just revolves around ddr
rimiruru: and seems nothing else does
Tidus SeeD: well then you may not be as inclined to come... at any rate you will always be welcome in the arcade I work at
Tidus SeeD: I play DDR a lot because it's good exercise... that's why I'm always playing Exotic Ethnic/MAX 300
Tidus SeeD: whatever I can use to make me perspire the most before I go home and shower hehe
Tidus SeeD: at any rate, my arcade got Extreme so it seemed like a good time for a tourney
rimiruru: this isn't helen... but... fuck you
rimiruru: helen is > you
rimiruru: XD
Tidus SeeD: lol
Tidus SeeD: I can feel the love
Tidus SeeD: so if this isn't Helen, who is it? usually someone is brave enough to say "fuck you" and also have the target of those words to know who it is
rimiruru: ooooh
rimiruru: this is mikey
Tidus SeeD: hi Mikey :-)
rimiruru: aka crackpr0n
Tidus SeeD: oh! whassup
rimiruru: aka pyronikari etc. etc.
Tidus SeeD: crackpr0n is familiar thx
rimiruru: okie
rimiruru: anyways
rimiruru: who cares about ddr
Tidus SeeD: so what was the fuck you for :P
rimiruru: ddr is fucking retarded
Tidus SeeD: lol well then I won't invite you to a tournament next time
rimiruru: she doesn't care, even though she goes to play shitty 3rd mix at the movie theatre
Tidus SeeD: I think it's fun and it brings people together, I don't see anything wrong with that
rimiruru: omg... it was 4th plus
rimiruru: but the point is DDR is retarded
rimiruru: it's a long story why it's wrong
rimiruru: i don't want to explain
rimiruru: i'm buzzed
rimiruru: i had 9 fucking shots of tequila
Tidus SeeD: well, I don't think it's retarded or I wouldn't be running a tourney lol
rimiruru: the point is
Tidus SeeD: damn, nice :-)
rimiruru: I'm right
rimiruru: she knows i am too
Tidus SeeD: hehe well then you dun need to come :-) if you change your mind, you're welcome there too
rimiruru: so does everyone in the room reading this
Tidus SeeD: as long as you've 9 less shots of Tequila in you hehe
rimiruru: just like, ben, and jesse, and Charles who is playing the guitar
rimiruru: DDR is fucking retarded
rimiruru: helen needs to get over this niceness
rimiruru: and go
rimiruru: like I know she wants too
rimiruru: but you know, she's too nice to do that
Tidus SeeD: you don't like me because I play and like DDR?
rimiruru: so i'll do it for her XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
rimiruru: hahahahhaha she's laughing
rimiruru: FUCK YOU
rimiruru: THE END
rimiruru: DON'T IM HER for the rest of the night
Tidus SeeD: I'm sorry, do I need your permission to talk to Helen?
rimiruru: YES YOU FUCKING DO(not really) BUT DON'T DO IT
Tidus SeeD: last I checked, she is her own free person
Tidus SeeD: hehe
rimiruru: because... trust me
rimiruru: don't do it
rimiruru: i'll make it my duty to make you regret it what you do
Tidus SeeD: I'm sorry, I'm sort of ignoring your request
rimiruru: OH YEAH
Tidus SeeD: because you're drunk :-)
Tidus SeeD: and because you're being a bitch lol
Tidus SeeD: okei
Tidus SeeD: do as you like
rimiruru: and she knows better to unblock you
Tidus SeeD: *blink*
rimiruru: As drunk as i am(i'm not drunk) i'm very comprehensive
Tidus SeeD: if you say so, crackpr0n
Tidus SeeD: *nods and smiles, as if it makes any difference*
rimiruru: BYE BYE... She'll unblock you tommorow if she wants to.
Tidus SeeD: damn, are you always this bored?
Tidus SeeD: okei! nite nite!
rimiruru signed off at 2:30:24 AM.

Apparently, she didn't "know better than to unblock me" or whatever.  The very next time I see Helen's screen name on, I say hi... and it's him again.  I try to be civil, and he talks shit and blocks me a second time before I can even respond.  THAT pissed me off.  He's now blocked from posting in my journal, and every community I control.  Feel free to taunt him and call him a little bitch, as he is one.  *stretches and yawns*  Well, that was worth the five minutes it took to post.  Congratulations on being the first person I've deemed worthy of treating like shit, Mikey.  When you grow some balls and are sober enough to walk, feel free to come visit me... and I'll show you why you don't fuck with my friends.  Everyone I've mentioned your name to already wants to kick your ass, and that was before I mentioned any of what happened between you and me.  :)

Helen, I apologize... but I really had no choice but to remove you from my LiveJournal friends list in light of this.  This has already happened to friends we both share (I should post the log I was sent like 15 minutes after I posted this), so you must be aware that it will happen again... and that people aren't going to be so understanding the next time.  As long as this perma-drunk guy is going to be using your computer, I'm not going to give him a way of bashing me publicly that I can prevent... and having you on my friends list means he can post in my LiveJournal both publicly and at will if you've stored your password on the machine he's using.  Let me know if you want to get in touch with me about this... and I recommend you take your friend to Alcoholics Anonymous.  I'm still amazed that I've restrained myself this much, after being treated so rudely for being kind.


Feb. 14th, 2003 09:00 pm (UTC)
...you have to earn a ban from my LiveJournal.  Thanks for letting me know that this may all be a misunderstanding, but your friend has literally and blatently threatened the health and safety of my friends.  I'm not talking something like, "if you play that song on DDR, I'll kill you"... I'm talking, "If you touch that girl, I'll come out there and severely hurt you for it.  The guy's an unstable drunk and he needs to be put in his place, as far as I can tell... and all my friends keep reaffirming this as they provide me with chat logs and such things.

I don't mind being insulted, but I do mind being blocked so that I can't talk to my friend.  The guy's a coward for talking shit, then hiding behind two blocks.  I'm not going to stand for him threatening my friends, ever, in the slightest.  If he threatens my health or safety, I'll go out there and beat the shit out of him next time I have some spare time.  Otherwise, I'll just be available to defend my friends should they ever find themselves in his presence... because I don't even trust him to be near them.

You're a better friend to this guy than you give yourself credit for.  I'd have trouble posting what you just did in defense of someone who so many people complain about.  As for me acting immature, it amazes me that you could somehow see him as acting more mature than me after I got blocked twice for not insulting him, and simply trying to talk to Helen.  I consider that to be a complete loss of perspective... you're taking one small facet of the conversation and making it somehow weigh more than all the things your friend did.  I can understand how you could do that since you're ignoring how he treated me, though.

I don't believe I was highly emotional (or even any more emotional than he was) when he started insulting me.  From the chat logs I've read, he treats any male like this that might potentially be close to Helen.  I believe he's just jealous that people have so many more friends than he does, and it comes out most predominantly when he's drinking.  Anyhow... I've written enough on this as a response.  I welcome another post from you regarding this or anything else, at any time... so feel free to contact me any way you wish.  Thank you for taking the time to write me here.  Go ahead and e-mail me if you want my phone number.

- Chris
Feb. 14th, 2003 09:49 pm (UTC)
Yeah, y'got a good point there.
As for the phone number, I doubt you're anywhere near Australia, so there.

Hey, I admit I don't like Crack's sense of humour much. But... well, say he *is* an ass. Say he is indeed an idiot, and well, I do admit he can be immature. But... will you be a victim?

(As for 'friends'... no, I don't think he's jealous or anything. As I said, he just likes making fun of people who take things seriously...)

I didn't know anything about what he did to your friends, but well...
I guess shit happens.
Feb. 15th, 2003 12:13 am (UTC)
Re: ._.
I think I understand him a little better now.  I'm still waiting for an apology from him, though... and right now, all he's trying to do is borrow still more people's accounts (he really likes pretending to be other people!) to try and harass me.  It's quite sad; he's failing miserably at explaining himself and trying to bother me.  He's welcome to keep trying as long as he likes, though.  I'm stuck at work (at my part time arcade job) for the time being, so I have nothing better to do than laugh at him... then go back to playing DDR Extreme anyhow.

I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my LiveJournal friends list.  We may not be able to reconcile our opinions on this Pr0n person 100%, but perhaps we can still be friends.  You seem like a pretty intelligent guy... but more importantly, you seem quite loyal to the people who earn your respect.  I'll send you some of my friend's Pr0n logs where they were physically threatened later if you wish, so you can see why I'm so adamantly standing by my friends on this.

I welcome you as a new friend now, and I understand if you desire to wait to reciprocate that friendship until this whole thing gets resolved.  Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day.  :)

- Chris


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