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Happy birthday, Shanny!!!

Shannon turned 21 today... which means it's time for her to drink lots of alcohol, party hard, and make this day truly hers.  I've known her for like five years... so I really wish I could be there to celebrate this special day with her.  I've been a bit sick lately, but I'm sure it wouldn't stop me from throwing back a few drinks and tearing up the dance floor.  I'll probably be totally well again by the morning, knowing my immune system.  As for my required DDR update, I scored my second combo of over 1,000 in the Naoki featuring Paula Terry Oni course the other night.  I also attempted the Love RevenG course for the first time... and died in like 10 seconds, as I had never seen just how hard the very beginning of the first song was.  It'll be a very, very long time before I try that one again...!

In other (much less interesting) news, DirectX 9 is out... so I'm sure all you PC gamers will be in a hurry to go get it.  I wonder if Xbox users will be able to upgrade in any form, as they're currently running a custom version of DirectX 8.2?  At any rate, head on over to the DirectX home page to snag the download.  I guess I've got to keep this post short... I have two shifts every Sunday at work, and lots to do in my free time between 'em.  Enjoy more Hamasaki Ayumi courtesy of my server in the meanwhile!

- cK1


Dec. 29th, 2002 10:24 am (UTC)
Re: Well, actually...
If I can make it out there, I'll definately go! ^^

Are the machines at metreon totally different now or something?! The last time I went there was near my birthday and I played ONE set on the right machine. Are both machines totally unlocked now and IS the number of songs 3 and not 4? That'd be awesome. It's so expensive that 4 songs is more worth it than 3, ne? ^^; Concidering everywhere else I go I pay a dollar for three/four songs or less! Silly metreon :P

Budget? Come on! Their DDR machines get tons of business - at $2/game! But they have four machines! They're making so much money off of them it's not even funny, I bet! How much is an upgrade kit? THey only need one...then they should downgrade to 5th on one machine and upgrade to extreme on the other :P That would rock so hard...haha...I'd be willing to pay the $2/game :P

Soon! I haven't seen you in person in like..9384543 months :P We gotta work something out ^_^


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