Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Well, this is a first...

Amazing... I'm posting consistently again!  Well, so far at least... we'll see how long this keeps up.  I'm in Grace's ProfileGrace's room right now... and I swear, that girl sleeps like the dead.  I'll be seeing The Two Towers with my best friend Jordan's ProfileJordan, and hopefully my other best friend Sylvan as well, at 4pm today in Corte Madera.  I wish tickets were still available so that I could drag Grace along this afternoon as well.  Regretfully, the one person I've talked to who's seen the movie didn't like it much... but I already have a ticket, and I also have the feeling I'll enjoy the movie anyhow.

Geez, Will's ProfileWill and Grace made me laugh over and over again while we were out today.  I stayed overnight at Erwin's ProfileErwin's house last night, and I talked to Sylvia's ProfileSylvia on the phone for over two hours while Grace watched four episodes of Witch Hunter Robin.  Erwin went to bed at like 3 or 4am, but Grace and I never really got around to that.  We finally left at 6am, and headed to Mel's Drive In for breakfast... where Will joined us.  Those two are so adorable together... all they do is mess around.  Grace was spreading butter on Will's hand, and whacking Will with his own umbrella over and over again.

Will kept trying to fall asleep on Grace, and tried over and over again to regain control of his umbrella while Grace was whacking him with it... practically yelping every time he got hit.  I couldn't help but laugh at 'em, then go "awww..." when they'd kiss.  I had my fun with Grace while we were waiting for Will, too... I kept looking out the window and going, "Ahh, Will's here..." and got her to look out the window twice when he wasn't there.  Then, I waited until he was outside and said it again... but she wouldn't look because she was so convinced I was lying!  Ahh, it's amazing what becomes funny at 6am when you're sleep deprived.

In my usual dose of DDR news, I managed to full combo True... (Trance Sunrise Mix) on Heavy mode for the first time last night... at 1.5x speed with Boost, Dark, and Hidden (my usual options) on.  I also full comboed Spin the Disc on Heavy mode as well, which I had never really tried hard on before.  It was amazingly easy to do.  Oh, and for those of you who didn't hear the news... I'm throwing a DDR tournament at my arcade in San Rafael.  It'll be a fairly standard tournament, consisting of the usual Perfect Attack and Freestyle divisions... plus a possible third category that I'm still toying with.

The competition should be taking place near the end of January, when we expect to upgrade our memory card slot equipped 4th Mix Plus machine to DDR Extreme (8th Mix).  I expect the prizes to consist of cash and some DDR gear, and I also expect the entry fee(s) to be either entirely free or like $5.00, though all of these details could change at any time.  Watch the Starbase Arcade Web site that I just put up for more details.  There's nothing about the tournament up there as of the time I'm writing this, as it's only a temporary site... but there should be something up there soon.  I just need a good block of time to work on building that site, and filling it up with some content.

I can't wait to see the movie... the anticipation is killing me!  I'll let you guys know what I thought of it next post, assuming I post again soon.  I'll do my best... you guys are such good encouragement for me.  :)
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