Chris Kraynik (tidus) wrote,
Chris Kraynik

Look, a post!!!

Holy crap, I wrote something in my LiveJournal again!  *grin*  Life's been treating me well lately... I have lots of new friends, which I'm extremely thankful for.  I need to talk to Justin's ProfileJustin about stuff like this post, but I haven't gotten a response to voice mail and SMS from him for days.  I guess I simply feel I shouldn't be criticized publicly for something he does himself... but at least I'm used to him doing that by now, and it doesn't bother me much.  He's probably just busy with school and work, though... because we usually talk all the time.

Dan's ProfileDan invited me to a jazz club on Broadway last night with our friend Will (Guillaume)... but Will sort'a disappeared for a while, so I never really got around to going.  I guess it might be for the best, as I'm not really into jazz... but perhaps we'll check it out Saturday night instead, after the Metreon Anime Fest.  If anyone's going on Saturday or Sunday that hasn't mentioned it to me (or written about it in their LiveJournal), feel free to let me know so we can meet up or something.  I've tentatively planned to be there both days, unless it'll be exactly the same thing each day.  :)

In other news, I finally managed to score some nice 1,000+ combos while playing the Naoki Standard Oni course (yes, that's the easiest one) in DDR MAX 2.  Unfortunately, I never manage to pass D2R at the end of the course though.  I got really close the time before last, but screwed up on a couple easy off-beat steps in the last third of the song... oops!  I'm also able to beat Max 300 on Heavy mode without dropping to my knees afterwards.  *lol*  That song just kicks my ass, but I can't stop playing it (like So Deep on Heavy mode, plus 2x speed, boost, dark, and hidden turned on)... it's too cool sounding.

There's so much to mention... I now have a permanent LiveJournal account (look near the bottom of my profile to see), I created Tidus' Profilea new LiveJournal (and another AIM screen name I occasionally use; it's in the new journal's profile) for my participation in this FF8 RPG Community ProfileFinal Fantasy VIII RPG, which has been very interesting.  Yes, I know Tidus isn't part of the world of FF8... but he's totally fitting in!  I started by posting comments in my role-playing friends' journals as a cameo appearance, and then I totally got into it and was asked to join up formally.

Tidus started dating Quistis' ProfileQuisty, then Yuna's ProfileYuna just showed up the other day... let the drama begin!  I never participate in games like this, 'cause I never have time... but LiveJournal makes it a ton easier.  People post when they want, everyone's posts appear on one page... and everyone doesn't feel an extreme need to post 10 times a day because of the comment feature.  Characters interact in character easily and effortlessly.  If you're interested in joining us, contact my good friend Randee's ProfileRandee and he'll help ya out.  :)

What else... hmm.  I now own a blue SwanCrystal.  It rocks... I play Final Fantasy IV on it while I'm bored outside my place.  It runs for like 16+ hours on a single AA battery, too... and the screen is hella bright and crisp!  I also got Kingdom Hearts (you could probably tell from 8 of my icons) for my fucked up PS2, and I like it so much that I actually play it instead of DDR at times.  Scary, isn't it... that something could cut into my DDR time?  ;)  Ugh... I really need to get my PS2 fixed so it'll play DVDs and PSOne games again.

To all of you who wrote such kind comments and thought of me because of my previous LiveJournal entry, thank you so very much... it means the world to me that you would all unite to collectively make me feel like a million bucks.  I got to know many of you better as a result of that, and I truly appreciate it.  Thanks to all of you who repeatedly bug me about writing in this journal, also... it shows me that you care about what I have to say.  I know I've said it before to some of you, but I will do my best to keep up with what's going on in my life.  It's just not very easy for me, as I have two jobs (and thus little free time).

Lots of my friends had birthdays this month, too... and I'm very excited for all of 'em.  For example, Helen's ProfileHelen turned 20 today... and I wish her all the best.  *hugs*  That's all for this morning... and now that I'm essentially caught up on stuff, I'll try and post again sooner than two weeks from now.  *lol*  It'll be amazing if I actually start getting back into posting regularly on this thing... ;)
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